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Can a 16-year-old who runs away be forced to return home in Georgia?

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Yes. If you were reported as missing, the police would transport you home when located unless you could give them a compelling reason not to, like endangerment.

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Is running away from home at seventeen a crime in the state of Georgia?

No, in Geogia, you can leave home at 17 and won't be forced to return or arrested. You cannot be kicked out until 18, but because you can now go to jail at 17, you can leave on your own at that age.

What will happen if you run away from home and live with your bf a 17 in Australia?

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Is running away from home a crime in Georgia?

It is until the age of 17. After 17, you are not required to return home or will be prosecuted by the state if arrested.

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If a 17-year-old runs away twice can they be forced to return home?

Until you are 18, older in some states, you are the responsibility for your parents. You can leave, but they can keep hauling you back.

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Can you own a monkey in georgia?

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What problem arose because Georgia did not allow slavery?

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Is it illegal to run away in Georgia?

I don't think it is ILLEGAL to run away in any state. - - - - - - - - Yes. In Georgia, a child under 18 may not leave their parents' home without permission. If they do, they will be considered a runaway, and eventually picked up by the police. The police will either take the child into custody or return him/her to the parents. The child will also face juvenile charges in Juvenile court.