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It depends on why the living parent didn't have custody. If the custodial parent has passed away the noncustodial parent has to apply for custody in court.

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then you cant live with them the parent that has custody of you, you have to live with unless you go to the judge and tell them you want to live with the other parent but unless the judge tells you other wise your stuck with the other parent but if your 13 and above you can tell the judge who you want to live with..

Yes, in Tennessee a child can choose which parent to live with even if the other parent has custody. The child will have to go to court and tell a judge they choose to live with the other parent.

If the parents are divorced then it is between the parents if the child can go live with the other parent. At age 14 the child can choose witch parent he/she wont's to live with. If that other parent is not willing to let the child go live with that parent then it can be taken to court or just wait till the child is 18 and can go live on it's own.

Not without consent of the other parent. In Michigan the Parent with custody has to live with in 80 miles of the other parent, or get written consent from the other parent and get that consent approved by the courts to live outside of that 80 miles.

Well, if court says your child does not have to ever see the other parent then yes. But if not then no.

First, the child has no specific right to choose which parent to live with without a court order. As to this issue, the other parent could file an emergency motion for custody on the grounds of abandonment.

Not on taxes no. The parent the child lives with has the main right to claim the child. But if that parent can't or doesn't want to then the other parent can

Minors have no choice in what parent they stay or live with. This has been decided by the court.

If you work at night, a judge would probably think it would be better for the child to live with his or her other parent.

It depends on the state you live in and what the laws are that govern that state. In most cases, the child can not just live with one parent, because the custody belongs to the other parent. That child can wait until the age of 18, to move-in with the other parent or that child can ask the court to move with the other parent.

Its not up to the child, that's decided in a court. But the child pleading her/his wish to live with one parent other than the other does play a role in the courts decision. If you are 18. you can live wherever you want.

Certainly you can, unless there is a court order saying otherwise. Parents have the ability to choose where their children live. With their permission you can live anywhere that is safe.

no they can't choose what parent they live with until they are at least 16. but if one is being abusive then you could probably live with the other one.

I am not sure about Australia, but in the US judges will take into consideration the request.This usually goes along with the kids desire to live with a parent, If the child appears to be genuine in their requests (in other words,is the child trying to get back at the other parent) and can the other parent provide for the kid. Is the other parent willing and able to care for thie kid. If this is something that you realy want to do,and you can talk with the parent you live with try that route first. If that is not an option, then start looking on line for the laws in Austraila that concerns about kids living with the other parent. You library is a good place to look also. There are many books on this subject. If you know of a lawyer,like maybe a freinds dad, or relative that are lawyers, ask them also. Hope this helps.

Only if your parents give consent to it.

Minor children have little recourse in deciding which parent they want to live with. They do, however have the right to express their preference/feelings to the judge.

It depends on the judge and the other parent also has to agree to take the child.

The parents decide where a minor lives. If the parents don't agree, a court will decide.

no. it is not kidnapping, however it is interference with child custody, also a crime.

The most likely scenario is that the children will live with the other parent as long as that parent was not deemed unfit while the custodial parent was alive. If that parent was denied custody for cause the courts may consider another gaurdian should the non custodial parent still be considered unsuitable.