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Can a 16 year old move in with another adult family in Idaho?


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As long as they have parental permission. Otherwise they need to live where their parents say.

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No, legally you cannot move out at age 17. You become an adult the age of 18 in Idaho. Until that age your parents are responsible for you and where you live.

They can only move out in to a house where another adult lives. So, yes, even babies can be moved out of a household, but you have to put them in to a house where an adult already lives, or you have to move them out with an adult.

You Beat the wants or in freemode you You evict a family and move in your family

No, the age of 17 is not yet an adult. Until majority is reached the parents are responsible.

Depends on which part you move to in Idaho

No because you must be 18 to be an adult, live on your own, orofficially live with someone other than your biological family without parental consent

He is an adult and you can ask him to move out if you want.

A person can legally move in with another family member if they go to court. An attorney can represent a minor.

If you are legally emancipated by marriage or a court order, you can live with whomever you want. You are now considered to be an adult.

It's the owner of the house that has to decide that. If the owner or the person on the contract says he has to go he has to go. He is an adult.

The simplest way is to be an adult. Once you are an adult you can live where you wish. Until then, the parents get to make the decisions.

No. Your parents are legally responsible for you.

yes you can. just as long as you have your parents sig.

Depends on the state your in and the situation.

Well you have to start the game then go to the family menu. You look and there will be a family with an arrow and you click on that. Then you will be able to choose which family you will be able to move. If you just want to move a single Sim and not a family you go into game play mode and when the newspaper comes you click on the newspaper and the menu will pop up. Then you click find own place and then you can move that Sim. *note*- you will only be able to move a family or a single Sim if you have another house available

You have to be an adult so 18 unless you have parental permission or is emancipated by the court.

No, 18 is still the legal age in Idaho.

That is really a personal decision. I once researched Idaho I thought it would be nice, and it is! It is beautiful! do a little research see what info you find and maybe just maybe you will decide to move there. Type in Idaho in google and have fun

12. Although you have to be in the care of a trusted adult. Preferablly family member.

You could move the house with the family in it to the houses bin then put the house in a new town but if you do this the family cannot move out of that house whilst in the new town. hope that helped

Go to Edit Town and click on the family home. Click split up, and move on sim over to the blank side then they will go to the clipboard and you can move them to another home.

No. You have to be 18 or have a legal guardian appointed. In some cases a minor may live with another adult relative or friend of the family, with the parents permission.

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