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As long as they have parental permission. Otherwise they need to live where their parents say.

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Q: Can a 16 year old move in with another adult family in Idaho?
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Can you legally move out of your house at 17 in Idaho?

No, legally you cannot move out at age 17. You become an adult the age of 18 in Idaho. Until that age your parents are responsible for you and where you live.

How do you become a Idaho resident?

move to Idaho

Can a 16-year-old move out of their parents' home and move in with another adult?

no. your parent or guardian has to agree to it.

Where does shay tards live?

they live in Idaho *CORRECTION* at this moment (summer 2011) the family lives in L.A. After summer, they will move back to Idaho. currently, Grandmatard, Grandpatard, Logan, Carlie and Cooper are living in their Idaho home. :)

How much does an RN make in Idaho?

Depends on which part you move to in Idaho

Can you move out in NY at 17 without parental consent if you have another family that's willing to care for you?

No, the age of 17 is not yet an adult. Until majority is reached the parents are responsible.

Your 18 year old is causing problems with the family what are your rights?

He is an adult and you can ask him to move out if you want.

In Kentucky can a 16 year old move out of the family home without parental consent and live with another family?

No because you must be 18 to be an adult, live on your own, orofficially live with someone other than your biological family without parental consent

How can you legally move in with a family member?

A person can legally move in with another family member if they go to court. An attorney can represent a minor.

Can you move in with another family friend once you've been emancipated instead of living on your own?

If you are legally emancipated by marriage or a court order, you can live with whomever you want. You are now considered to be an adult.

Can an 18 year old move out of his parents home in Alabama to another state?

Yes you are an adult.

Can a 15-year-old move in with another adult without parental permission in Canada?


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