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Tip, don't quit school, sometimes it is fun and it helps you alot in the future.

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Q: Can a 16 year old quit school?
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Can 16 quit school in New York state?

can 16 year old quit school in newyork state

Can a 16 year old quit school in Missouri with parent consent?

No they are to young

Can a 17 year old in NC quit school?

A seventeen year old may quit school without parental or anyone else's permission in NC. I was horrified to learn this first hand when my 16 year old chose to quit school and I could do nothing to stop him.

Can a 16 year old quit school in Florida without parents consent?

Indeed, a 16 year old can quit school in Florida. You will have the option of dealing drugs, working in the fast food industry, or as a prostitute. Best of luck.

Can a 16-year-old quit school without parental consent in New York?

Answer:Technically no, But if you do quit school nobody will stop you as dss does not reconize the age of 16 or above, However you can get a job and quit.

How old do you have to be to quit school in Illinois?

16 with permission.

How old was Jim Carrey when he quit school?

he was 16

How old does a student have to be to quit school in tn?


At what age can you quit school in Georgia?

16 years old.

At what age can you quit school in New Hampshire?

16 years old

What is the Legal age a child can quit school in Kentucky?

the legal age to quit school in Kentucky is 16. i quit last year. don't quit. give it another try.

Can a 13 year old quit school with parental consent?

Yes and no. No- because you can only drop out of school at 16, its the law. Yes- because you can be home schooled.

What is the legal age to quit high school in SD?

16 years old

Can a Michigan judge order a 16 year old back to school if they quit?

This depends on the circumstances surrounding the 16 year old. Yes, When they are a ward of the state, or ordered by a judge as part of a sentence order recommendation given by the probation department handed out as an agreement between the judge and the 16 year old. But in most cases when the 16 year old is in sound mind and body and just quits in Michigan it is within the requirements of the law. No, a judge can not order a 16 year old of legal age to quit, back to school. Note: Although I was told that the law could change to 17 before the end of this year. 'Just stay in school' Whats a couple more years? And if you quit at 16 years old you will regret it later in life. Good Luck!

What is the legal age to quit school in Kentucky?

As of July 2014, the legal age to quit school in the state of Kentucky is 16 years old. A parent must give permission before the child can quit at 16.

Your 16 year old quit high school do you still have to pay child support according to Virginia state child support laws?


When did Johnny Depp drop out of high school?

I believe he was between 15 or 16 years old when he quit school.

Does a 16 year old have to go to school?


How old do you have to be to leave school in France?

16 year old.

When can you quit school?

16 in Canada (when you should quit is a different case)

What is the legal age to quit school in Ontario Canada?

you need to be atleast 16 years old to drop out of school in Onatario.

When can you quit school in PA?

yea at 16

Can you quit school at age 16 in virginia?


Age a teenager can quit school?


Can you quit school at 16 in Idaho?