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Can a 17-year-old be charged with a crime for leaving their parents' home without permission in Missouri?

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No. The parents can file an absentee minor report with the local authorities and then request the court to issue and order to have the minor returned to their custody or the custody of the state. If a court order of any type relating to the minor, then the order itself enables authorities to take the underage person into custody and remand him or her to juvenile authorities.

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Q: Can a 17-year-old be charged with a crime for leaving their parents' home without permission in Missouri?
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The age of majority for Missouri is 18 which relates to leaving the family residence w/o parental permission. There is sometimes confusion about the exact age due to MO. law which states that a minor qualifies for early emancipation status if they marry or enlist in the mililtary. If the minor child is going with someone other than a parent (such as a trip with friends) they must have written parental permission and have acceptable adult supervision. Those are the basic legal interpretations, to avoid possible problems that could arise in case of an accident, and so forth.