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Only if she has parental permission or she

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Q: Can a 17-year-old female move out in the state of Ohio?
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When may a female move out of her parents' house without their permission in the state of Ohio?

The age of majority in Ohio is 18 for both male and female.

Can you move out at 16 in Ohio?

No, the legal age of majority for the state of Ohio is 18.

Can you move out of Ohio at the age of 17?

Anyone can move out of Ohio if they are of age. A 17 year old can't move out of state unless they have their parents permission.

Moving out at 16 in Ohio?

A 16 year old teenager can not legally move out on their own. In the state of Ohio, they are considered a minor.

Can you move from MI to OH at 17 without parental consent?

we in the state of Ohio do not let michiganers into our beautiful state

Can you move out at 17 year old if you are a female?

I know you can in the state of Ga.

Does a Felony carry over to a new state if you move?

i don't know if you move but if you commit a federal offense in Michigan and one in Ohio that will be one in each state so that is what it is counted as

Can a 17 year old move out on his own in the state of Ohio?

Not until they are 18 years of age in Ohio, or with permission. Until then the parents determine where you live.

What is the legal age to move out in the state of GA?

For a male its 17 for a female it is 18

Can you still get the unemployment extension if you move to another state?

Yes, I moved from Minnesota to Ohio and received the extension.

What is the legal age for a female to move out in Louisiana?

The legal age of majority for the state is 18.

Is 17 a legal age to move out in the state of Ohio?

The age of majority in Ohio is 18. A person below 18 is considered to be emancipated (and therefore can move out without parental permission) if they are married or they are in the military (both of which require parental consent).

Can a minor move in with an eighteen year old friend without the consent of the parents if they are both female?

Yes this is legal in states like Ohio

At what age can a minor female in the state of Florida move from her parents home and move in with her grandmother?

The legal age for a child to move out from their parents is 18 in the state of Florida. However, this can happen earlier if a child is emancipated by the courts.

If you are born in Ohio do i have to wait to become a resident if i move back from a different state?"

Can a 17 year old leave home in the state of Ohio without parental permission?

No, they cannot move without permission in Ohio. Either the parents have to consent or there is a court order.

When did Wilbur Wright move to Ohio?

He was born there. In Dayton, Ohio

Why did the colonists move into Ohio valley?

the colonist move to the Ohio valley because the east was getting crowed and plus the Ohio valley soil and was made for farming.

What is the legal age a female can move out of a parent's house in Missouri?

a female can move out at the age of 17 in the state of missouri. The female can leave the day she turns 17 or any time after coming of age. The female's parent cant say anything to the young adult.

Can a 17 year old female leave home and move out if they are three months from there birthday in the state of kansas?


Can a female move out at 17 without the parents permission?

No,You Can Only Be Eighteen And Up To Move Out With Permission.Another View: It depends on the laws of the state in which you live.

Can you move out at 15 in Ohio?

No, the legal age of majority in Ohio is 18.

Can you move out of state with your children without permission of biological father while in custody battle if move was planned before court preceedings started in Ohio?

I dont think so

When you move how many days do you report your new address to dmv?

you have 90 days depending on the state you may have to take the wriiten driving test again.In Ohio you have to take the Ohio test.Good luck.

Can you continue your unemployment benefits if you move from Ohio to California?

Ohio will continue your benefits if you notify them of the move and comply with their requirements concerning same.