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yes and no your are technically underage under the law and he sleeps with before you turn 18 he can go to jail for statutory rape and neither one of you wants that so the best thing is to wait to you turn eighteen and get back together because if anything happens between you and him your parents can have him arrested for rape of child molestation. The age of sexual consent by a minor in the state of Georgia is 16. However, there are many laws that apply to relationships between adults and minors, that do not necessarily pertain to a sexual activity. A few of those laws are, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, corruption of the morals of a minor, coercion or intimidation of an underaged person by an adult in authority, and so forth. Judges are NEVER lenient in cases that involve adults (especially adult males) and minors. All states reserve the right to enforce such laws without the co-operation of the minor or the minor's parents or guardian. If you feel like you are mature enough and your parents agree with it then it is okay. As long as your parents dont plan to press charges if you have sex or get pregnant by him.

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Q: Can a 17-year-old girl be with a 25-year-old man in the state of Georgia?
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