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Can a 17-year-old girl get into trouble for dating a 15-year-old boy in Indiana?



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Dating is not what gets someone in trouble when one is underage, its having sex with them. Dating is going to the movies and doing things that dont involve sex. Dating, no, having a physical relationship, yes. The legal age of consent in Indiana is 16. Dating that involves no sex. No you cant get in trouble. It could lead to trouble. Dating is not a problem (at least not in the USA), as long as no impropriety is commited. ===ANOTHER ANSWER=== AS OTHER answers have said, just dating (going out together) is not a problem, but remember, statuatory rape is NOT just about guys who are OF AGE having sex with girls who are UNDERAGE.. It pertains to girls who of age (legally able to give consent) and underage guys who are not of age (legally able to give consent). So before things go further, if they haven't already, think about the consequences of your actions. Statuatory rape is not necessarily forced sex, but is when an underage person consents to sex with an older person. The difference is that legally, the underage person is not LEGALLY able to give consent, even if they want to. Hope this helps answer your question.