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Can a 17-year-old go out for the night without parental permission?

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That's would not be a legal issue unless the area in which the minor resides has curfews or other restrictions pertaining to minors. The matter is a private one between the teen and his or her parents.

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Can you legally spend the night out at a friends without parental consent at Age 16?

Technically, not without their permission. Until you are an adult, they determine where you may live.

Can a seventeen year old in Maine leave her house for the night without custodial permission?

A 17 year old can not just leave the house with out parental consent. They are still considered a minor and must follow parental rules.

Can a 17 year old spend the night with someone without their parent's permission?

No, you are a minor.

Is it legal for a 20 year old man to take a 17 year old high school senior girl out all night without her parents permission?

No, It is illegal because one is a minor, one is not, and the minors' parents did not give permission for the girl to be out all night.

Can child services take parental rights without a court order?

Not without a court order, however, a court order is easily granted, at any hour of the night, for Child Protective Services.

Can a 10 or 11 year old stay home over night without parental supervision?

Yes they can it just depends on maturaty and if your parents/gaurdians trust you

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Can your boyfriends parents get arrested for letting you stay the night at their house without your parents permission?

If you're in the US and you're a minor (under 18), absolutely they can face charges for it.

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Is it possible to shelter an abused teen without parental permission?

This is a touchy subject that you have to be careful with. If you shelter the teen, you can be charged with harboring a runaway minor. If the teenager is just a normal teen, stretching boundaries, you need to return them to their parents. But if you suspect a larger issue (abuse that led to running), call Child Protection Services, Children's Aid Society, or Family and Children's Services. Tell them what happened, and if it is night, offer that the teen can stay with you. If you know the family is already involved with CAS, tell them that. They will decide what you should do, taking legal culpability off your head. If they do not agree, you must return the teen to the parents. The age when a teen can leave without permission differs. In Canada and the US, an 18 can go where they please. In many places, 16 year old's can, and in some places or certain circumstances, 14 year old's may leave their parent's without permission.

In Kentucky Can your daughter spend the night with her boyfriend?

If she is a minor then she would need the permission of her parents.

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