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In almost any state the 17 year old would have to have written parental consent. Check with the agency that issues marriage licenses.

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Q: Can a 17-year-old marry an 18-year-old in Florida?
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Can a 14 year old be with a 18yearold?

Legally hanging out yes but to have intercouse no.

Can a 17yearold be charged as an adult on aggravated robbery charges?

Yes, it is POSSIBLE.

Can you marry your niece in Florida?


Is it ok for a 17yearold to go out with a 13year old?

no that's too much of an age gap

In Georgia if you marry out of state do you take Georgia certificate to Florida to marry?

No, you get a marriage license in the state you wish to get married in. If you are from Georgia, and you travel to Florida to get married, you will need to get a Florida license.

Can a 16 year old marry a 22 year old in Florida with both parents permission?

You can marry at 16 in Florida with parental consent.

What do you need do be married in florida?

To be married in Florida, you just need a marry licence.

Can a Florida notary marry someone in new york?


Can a Florida notary marry someone in another state?


Can a notary from another state marry Florida residents?


Is it legal to marry your second cousin in Florida?


Can a notary marry a person in California?

Notaries can only marry people in Florida, South Carolina, and Maine.

Can a Florida notary marry a sibling?

If you mean, "Can a Florida notary perform a marriage ceremony for their sibling?", then yes.

Can a 18 marry a 16 in Florida?

Can a 16 get married to a 18?

You are a illegal inmigrant your boyfriend and you are getting you both live in Florida but want to get marry in las Vegas and do all the inmigration papers in Florida Is it a risk to do that you mean?

What state you marry in will have no bearing on his immigration case.

What is the legal age to marry in Florida without parents approval?


Can a police officer marry a felon in Florida?

Yes, if they are man and woman.

Can you marry at age 18 in Florida State?

Yes, you can get married at 18 in Florida. You are considered an adult and may apply for a license.

Can a notary marry a family member in Florida?

Yes. See the Florida Governor's Reference Manual for Notaries at

Can a notary public marry out of state residents in Florida?

Yes, if they have a valid marriage license issued by a Florida clerk of circuit court.

Can 2 women legally marry in Florida?

No. Florida does not recognize same sex marriage. See the related question below for a list of states that do.

How do you marry an inmate in Florida?

There is too much to say about it: So check out the link attached:

Can a 17 year old marry a guy over 32 with parents consent in Florida?

Yes she can.

How does a 16 year old marry a 18 year old in Florida?

By getting parental consent.

How can you prevent your common law husband in Florida from marrying an Estonian citizen?

Florida does not recognize common law marriage. As such, there is not much you can do if he wants to marry someone else.