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Yes!:) There is help. I believe that if you go to the department of social services they will be able to help you find a place to live, as well as to help pay if not pay for the rent. They will also help you with your medical bills, and give you food stamps. When the baby gets older and needs to be in daycare, they also have a program to help with that!:) I wish you luck and may God Bless you and your baby:) * Contact the state's department of children and family services for assistance. The fact that a minor is a mother does not automatically grant emancipation status nor make them eligible for public assistance. Such assistance is decided by DCFS investigation of the minor's current family environment. If the minor is being supported by her family and there is no evidence of abuse or neglect towards her or the child she will not qualify for assistance to live on her own, but may be qualified for other public assistance such as Medicaid and WICC. If the minor does not have the support of her family the court may grant her limited emancipation rights so that she and her child may receive public assistance and live in a foster or group home. The court rarely allows a minor with a child to reside on their own. A minor with or without a child must petition the court for emancipation rights as prescribed by state law, social service agency cannot do this for her nor can they declare her an emancipated minor.

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When it comes to housing and living in an apartment, what is the threshold for being considered 'low income'?

$27,000 for a family of four qualifies as low income for husing assistance.

Who is responsible for army family assistance?

The Army family assistance hot line offers help to military families. Family assistance can help with tuition and financial help for families.

Can a family of six have six service animals in an apartment?

Whether or not a family of six can have six service animals in an apartment will depend upon the particular apartment in question. The apartment must have enough space for the animals to not be overcrowded.

The family assistance plan sought to overhaul this program?

Welfare. Nixon attempted to overhaul welfare with the Family Assistance Plan (FAP).

Is family assistance in UK available to new immigrants?

Yes, family assistance is available in the UK to new immigrants. New immigrants must contact the Britain government to gain the assistance that they need.

Does Kody Brown get money from the government?

No, the Brown family from Sister Wives is not on any government assistance. They don't receive any money from the government, aside from their income tax refunds.

Can a family of 5 fit in an apartment?

They can, but it wouldn't be fun.

What is a apartment?

a apartment is a smaller unit of a house usally used for a small family it is usally cheaper than a house

Why does your Sims 2 Apartment Life game crash while loading the Newson family?

Im not quite sure, but I do know that it is a glitched family. Do a restore on your game, or move the Newson family out and give them a new apartment.

What component are deers id cards health benefits and financial assistance examples of?

family assistance

What does the Parvana family do in their apartment to make themselves comfortable?

Their family clean and make a better than what they have

What is familiae insulam magnae?

The family in the big apartment building

Making complaints and threats to get your family and you thrown out of apartment?

There are a number of complaints and threats that can be made to get your family thrown out of an apartment. Neighbors can say you are doing something illegal or breaking rules for example.

Do foster parents receive financial assistance?

They get money that covers the expenses for the child. Being a foster parent is not a job, it's you welcoming another child in your family until they leave or become adults.

What are the release dates for Family Affair - 1966 Cissy's Apartment 4-4?

Family Affair - 1966 Cissy's Apartment 4-4 was released on: USA: 16 October 1969

What Does Am Family Do?

American Family is an insurance company. American Family Services is a Pennsylvania non-profit church-assistance foundation.

What is the definition for single family dwelling?

A single family dwelling is a living space designed for one family. It is a house or trailer even, not an apartment.

What are the disadvantages of artificial skin?

-It can be expensive. -Many people might not be able to receive the artificial skin due to certain allergies they might have to artificial material. -the dilemma of science vs. religion (the faith of many people might be the obstructive force for a family member/relative to receive this helpful assistance).

What has the author Abdullahi Aliyu written?

Abdullahi Aliyu has written: 'F(FEamily Economic Advancement Programme AP)' -- subject(s): Domestic Economic assistance, Economic assistance, Economic assistance, Domestic, Family 'Nigerian economic breakthrough' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Economic conditions 'Press briefing on the disbursement of the second batch of loans under Family Economic Advancement Programmes (FEAP)' -- subject(s): Domestic Economic assistance, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Family, Economic assistance, Domestic, Family

What are the importance of family planning?

Family planning is important to ensure you can afford your family. Planning helps you eliminate the need for governmental assistance.

What is other word for home?

family, household, inland, native, apartment, house

Can you use sublet in a sentence?

When the family went on vacation, they had to sublet their apartment to someone.

What is the difference between house and apartment?

A house generally refers to a dwelling in which a family lives. An apartment is usually a smaller living unit sometimes connected to a house and is rented out to another family by the owners of the house. Also, an apartment can be part of a large building that has many apartments for rent to many different families.

Is a landlord responsible for exterminating the apartment?

Generally, if it's an attached apartment setting then the landlord is responsible for extermination. In a single-family setting or a duplex, it is the tenants responsibility.

Who does family support not rely on for mutual cooperation and networking?

Financial Assistance