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Can a 17-year-old move out legally with parental permission?



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Hopefully. I'm 17, and I'm planning on moving to Floida from Alaska by myself and finishing high school there. Basicly, I'm moving at the end of this summer, so when I start school, I'll only be 17 for about 2 months. I've talked about it to my parents, and no matter how much they dissapprove, they realize they can't stop me. And holding me back those 2 months would only delay me academicly. With the job i have now, and the 3 I'm planning on working during the summer, I'll hopefully have enough to support myself for the first semester, and find a suitable place to live. Overall, I'm pretty excited and coming from another 17 year old moving out, I don't see anything holding you back (unless you JUST turned 17). If you can do it, the go. There are some low points too however: You'll have to pay for everything yourself, getting a job and finishing school are huge, and finding someone whos gonna take you seriously as a 17 year is definalty gonna be hard.