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I'm not sure what the legal age is in Iowa but in Michigan it is 17 so it very well could be the same. You can call you local police dept and ask the question. If in fact they say that she can make you come back home there is always emancipation. * The legal age of majority for Iowa is 18. The issue of the minor having a child of her own does not change the fact that she is still legally a minor. Therefore it is, possible for the minor's parent to petition for a court order to have the minor and her child returned to the family home. Whether or not the court would issue such an order would depend upon the individual's circumstances. For instance if the minor female and her child were living in an unsuitable environment. There is also the matter of the minor female's child which could result in an investigation by social services, if the minor's parent filed such a request with the court.

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Not unless his mother is married to the man they are living with

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Yes, because alimony is taxable income.

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How do you get child support from your husband you are not living together and he isn't helping and is already paying child support for two previous children but wasn't married to the mothers?

You will have to go to court and get a judgement or if you already have a judgement you will need to get a wage garnishment.

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If a child is living with her aunt and was removed from her mothers custody by social services and the father has no interest in the child and has left can the Aunt ask for gaurdianship of the child?

yes the aunt could if the little girl had been taken away from her mother from child services and the father has no intrest. but she can not if the father decides to take custidy then no

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About 10% of fathers have sole or primary custody of their children, meaning that about that number of mothers are non-custodial parents. Presumably, most of those mothers have been ordered to pay child support.

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