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Not without having parental permission. Otherwise, until you reach the age of majority, you can be reported as a runaway.

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Q: Can a 17 almost 18 year old leave home without parent permission and not et in trouble?
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Can a 16 year old get in trouble for leaving the house without permission in florida?

Yes, by the parent

Can you get in trouble for leaving home if your parent says you can live wherever you want?

No. If you have your parent's permission, then you can live with who you want.

Can you bring a minor out of the country if you are not the parent?

Not without parent permission. It could be considered kidnapping without that.

How do you have to be to get a lip piercing?

18 without parent permission

Is there a state in which you can get married at 14 without a parent's permission?

== == == ==

Can a student get paddled without parent permission?

No, they can't.

Where in Reno Nevada can a twelve year old volunteer at without a parent's consent?

A 12 year old is not allowed to volunteer without their parents permission in Reno, Nevada. If they get their parents permission, they can volunteer almost anywhere.

Can a custodial parent leave the state of North Dakota without the noncustodial parents permission?

No the custodial parent has to have either the courts permission or the non-custodians permission.

Can one parent take a child out of state from Teaxs without the other parent's permission?

No, you will need the other parents and the courts permission.

Can you get married at fourteen without parent's permission?

You can't get married at 14 with your parents permission in any civilised country never mind without their permission.

How old do you have to be to move out without parent permission in Montana?

You have to be 18.

Where in Vegas can you get married without a parent permission at 15?


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