Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Can a 17 almost 18 year old leave home without parent permission and not et in trouble?


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Not without having parental permission. Otherwise, until you reach the age of majority, you can be reported as a runaway.

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Not without parent permission. It could be considered kidnapping without that.

you have to be 14, in order to get it done without parents permission.

No the custodial parent has to have either the courts permission or the non-custodians permission.

16 with parental guidance. Of course you can drink without a parent there, but you can get in trouble by the law if you get caught. You have to have permission before you do it. To all the 16 year old kids out there, i wish you luck.

Without their permission they will have to wait until they are 18. The parents are still responsible for them.

No you need to be an adult age.to move out without permission which is 18

If the non- custodial parent takes the child without permission it is considered kidnapping.

As in relocating, not without the permission of the court.

No. If you have your parent's permission, then you can live with who you want.

Not in the state of Georgia. They are not yet adults and need to be 18 before you can leave without their permission.

If both of your are 18 or older, then yes. You can get married and do whatever you want without anyone getting in trouble and without any permission. If this 18 year old guy got a minor pregnant, then he can get in trouble for "statitory rape" if the parent of the girl wishes to press charges. In the state of Texas you cannot unless you have an emancipation.

18 without parent permission. You can go with a parent at any age though.

This will depend on what is listed in your court order. There may be clauses that prevent you from leaving town, or your state or province without written permission from the other parent.

Depend on what you mean by dating... Have sex without parent permission in Canada is illegal

Yes because now the permission of the other parent is not obligatory. At the most the parent which has custody of the child may require declaration before the court and seek permission for signing on VISA without obtaining the signature of the other parent.

Depends on circumstances. If separated from the other parent, than no.

It is against the law for a non custodial parent to take their child out of State (can be considered kidnapping) without the written permission of the custodial parent. If the custodial parent agrees then be sure it is in writing, with the date and signature of the custodial parent and carry it with you during the trip.

No, a non custodial parent can not take a child out of state without the custodial parents permission. The non custodial parent could be charged with kidnapping if charges are brought against them.

No, you must be 18 to get married without parental permission anywhere in the US.

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