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Q: Can a 17 year old boy file a restraining order against him father?
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Related questions

Can a minor file a restraining order against a parent?

No. Their parents may be able to get a restraining order on the minor's behalf.

Can you file a restraining order against your unborn fetus?

No, only born people can get restraining orders.

Can a parent file a restraining order against their child's boyfriend?


Do you have to be a citizen to file a restraining order?

No - anyone, citizen or not, can file, and be granted a restraining order.

Can you file a restraining order in response to a restraining order?

No, but you can file for your own separate restraining order too if you have proof that you have been abused.

Can you file for a restraining order on someone who falsely accused you of stalking them?

You can file a restraining order on almost anyone.

Can you file a restraining order against your child?

Depends on the age of the child. If under 18 he/she is a minor and the answer is no. You have to deal with the problems that exist. If over 18 they are an adult and yes you could file a restraining order.

Can you file restraining order against a person who filed against you?

You can file for it, but you have to convince a judge to agree with you. However, if the person you are restrained from is seeking you out and/or harassing you, you absolutely need to contact the court for advice. But if you simply want to file a restraining order against them just because they filed one against you, you won't convince the judge.

Can you file a restraining order against your father?

no, but your mother can take him to court and get full custody so he won't be able to see you or come near you without her and your permission

How do you file a restraining order against an individual?

It depends on the laws of your particular state. You could go to your local police department and/or your local courthouse and they should be able to give the forms to file the restraining order.

How can you get a restraining order against someone who is harassing you by airplane?

Appear before a Justice of the Peace and file a information.

Can your parents file a restraining order against a 18 year old even if you don't want it?


How much is it for a restraining order for domestic violence?

The court doesn't charge you to file for a restraining order.

Can the parents of a 14-year-old file a restraining order against his 18-year-old girlfriend?


Can your girlfriends X file a restraining order against you to keep you away from their boys?

Yes, if he is the children's father, and you are not the ex's new husband (the children's stepfather) it is possible. The outcome will be decided by a judge.

Can a step parent file a restraining order against a minor step daughter?

Restraining them from doing WHAT? If it is to prevent them from being assaulted by the miinor, the possible remedy imight be to file "Juvenile Out Of Control" papers on them. A judge might order family counselling.

Can your dad file a restraining order against your boyfriend for no reason only because he doesn't want you to talk to him?

Yes, it is POSSIBLE, but he would have to have sufficient grounds to convince the judge that a restraining order was justified.

Can a minor file a protective order against her father's girlfriend who lives with them?

You'd have to file child abuse charges against her, not a protective order.

Can an individual file a restraining order against a judge?

not sure if you mean whether or not you can file a restraining order against any judge or a judge you are dealing with in a case. the latter may present some problems whereas the former may be considered a person like anyone else not immune from the application of a restraining order if necessary. To be clear, a restraining order order is a Court order against an individual, which prevents them from having any sort of contact with another individual. You need to have a legitimate reason why you are requesting the restraining order. There are different types of restraining orders but they are typically applied when an individual feels that they are being threatened, stalked, or abused by another so keep that in mind.

How does a father protect his kids from there mother who is abusing them when they aren't divorced yet DCFS is already aware of the mother but no charges have been filed yet?

File charges, kick her out of the house, restraining order for you and the kids, then file for divorce. Restraining order is the key.

Should you file a restraining order on a sociopath?


what grounds does it take for someone to file a restraining order against you?

There are grounds and criteria for someone seeking a restraining order. A judge will decide about issuing the restraining order as a permanent order. There must be proof of threatening behavior or danger. The court will be cautious and issue a temporary restraining order. After the court , if there isn't proof to substantiate the court can't enforce....

What are the steps to file harassment charges or get a restraining order?

with who do I file a harrasement charge?

How do you take off a Restraining order?

If you are the one who filed for the order, you can request that the court vacate the restraining order. If you are the one against whom it was filed, you would have to file a counter-motion, or an appeal, with the same court that granted the order in the first place.

What petition do you need to file to dismiss a restraining order?

In order to dismiss a restraining order, you will need to petition a "Dismiss Protection Order" with the court system.