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Depends on what state you live in. In most states the answer is yes. Call your State Attorney General for the answer.

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Q: Can a 17 year old buy and own his own car under his own name and liability?
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Can a 17 year old buy and own his own car under his own name in Louisiana?


What is a dog owners liability if their dog pulls the neighbor's dog under a hole in their fence and kills it?

they have to buy a new dog

Buy a car under your small business?

You can buy a car under your small business. You have to register the car and insurance under the name of your business.

Can i buy auto insurance for a car that's registered in someonelse's name?

Yes, you can buy liability coverage for almost any car. You may not be able to buy comp or collision though.

Why are margins required when traders write options but not when they buy options?

When you buy an option, you are buying an asset, and do not have a future liability. When you write an option, you are potentially incurring a future liability Thus you need some assets to back this liability.

Interest paid on loan to buy an asset-asset or liability or expense?

Loan acquired to buy an asset is a liability of business so interest incurred on that loan is also part of that loan and that's why it is also the liability of business.

Where to buy product liability insurance?

Insurance Company

Is the loan you take to buy the business considered a liability and equity?

The loan is considered a liability - The value of the company is the equity.

Can you buy full coverage car insurance without liability?


What type of liability insurance is used by an attorney?

Attorneys use Professional Liability Insurance. Often referred to as Legal Liability Insurance

Which is better liability or collision car insurance?

This is a question that has no real answer. It's like asking whether apples or oranges are better. It depends on your situation. Liability only covers the person you hit and their damage if its your fault. It is usually required by state law in most states. Comprehensive and Collision are coverages that cover physical damage to your vehicle and are additions that are added to a liability policy. You can buy liability without Comp and Collision but not Comp and Collision without liability under most circumstances.

Can you buy liability insurance without a drivers license in Texas?

It depends on what type of liability insurance you need. Contact an agent in your area.

Where can you buy just a liability insurance policy in Sarasota County FL on a free and clear mobile home?

Call an agent and ask, but I suspect you can not just buy liability insurance. You can buy a real cheap HO policy with minimal property coverage and max out on the liability. Why would you not want personal property coverage anyway? 4lifeguild

Why Tenants Liability insurance?

The property Owners Liability Insurance does not extend coverage to a Tenant. This is one reason a tenant might want to buy their own tenants liability coverage for their own protection.

When you buy a drum truck is it a liability or capital?

Neither, it'd be an asset.

Where do you buy General liability insurance?

General Liability insurance is purchased through any insurer that provides commercial insurance lines coverage.

Who sells insurance to a driver without a car?

a non-owners auto insurance policy can provide liability coverage in the event you operate a vehicle that is not owned by you nor insured under your name.

Can a homeowner buy a liability only policy?

Your insurance agent will advise you of the bare minimum insurance you absolutely need, but you can be sure "liability" will be part of it, yes.

Where can i buy a luxo jr ball?

Ebay under the name: star ball pixar

How would one buy public liability insurance?

You could go about purchasing public liability insurance from webpages such as Money Supermarket. Alternatively, one could try public liability insurance companies such as Hiscox, for example.

Do you need liability insurance if you have comprehensive insurance?

Generally, you can't buy comprehensive without first buying liability coverage. Liability covers damage you do in an accident if it is your fault. Comprehensive will not even pay for your vehicle in an accident. It only covers fire, theft, vandalism, animal collision, etc.

Can an under 16 year old with a child get a house?

You can rent, but cannot buy until you can be binded by contract.

In Oklahoma can an 18 year old buy a 16 year old a rated r movie ticket?

Under the 'R' rating, only parents or a legal guardian can buy tickets for underage viewers.

What year was Best Buy started?

Originally founded in 1966 by Richard Schulze as the name "Sound of Music." In 1983 the company changed the name to "Best Buy Co."

What is the minimum liability insurance coverage for Florida dentists?

There is no minimum. They can buy whatever insurance limits they want, or they can buy none at all.