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In Texas, a 17 year old can move out of her parents' home legally. However, she cannot move in with an 18 year old boy because the legal age of consent, in Texas, is 18 for women. To move in with him would risk a charge of statutory rape.

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If your probation is being supervised by the state of Texas you will have to petition the court to allow you to move out-of-state and they will have to determine if the state to which you wish to move will accept the transfer of your probation to them.

If you qualified, you can collect unemployment from Texas, the "liable state", but not from the state you move to.

Probably 18, like any other state. But if your having trouble at home moving out is not going to slove your problems. Hang in there.

Laws vary from state to state. Technically, only with parental consent unless you are over 18.

The minor female would need her parents' consent before she could legally engage in a change of residency.

How long do you have to move out of a house that has been foreclosed on in Texas

Legal age to move out without parental permission is 18 in Texas.

No, the age of majority and the age of consent for the state is 18. That being the case, the minor female could not legally move in with the adult male whether or not her parents consented to the act.

Can she legally move in with him?,,,, YES,,,,,,,,, Can He leagally let her move in? NO!

"Honey, I really love you and I don't want you to leave me. If you really have to remember that I love you and I want to make this long distance relationship work." === === Make them make you move to texas, if your already at Texas demand they move back so you can be with your boyfriend, dont let them keep you seperated.

I am in the same situation, im 17 and im trying to move out of my parents house, and they moved me to Fort Worth Texas and I was living in spring and they took me away from my boyfriend and all my friends and I wanna move out buy my parents are saying I cant but im going to do it anyways because im about to be 18.

if your pregant... get parent concint for marriage or get emancipated.... * Pregnancy does not confer automatic emancipation of a minor. The legal age of majority for the state is 18. Texas does have emancipation status, Texas Family Code, 31.001, Removal of Disability Of A Minor.

In the state of Texas your allowed to legally make decisions for yourself at 17. So your allowed to move out at 17. No you wont get arrested. No they wont force you to go back home.

There is no part of Texas that does not get tornadoes. However, they are least common in the southern and western parts of the state.

NO. If you move in with boyfriend, he may find himself facing criminal charges and your parents will very likely find themselves losing custody. Then you will be placed in the custody of the state and the state will decide where you live, and it will NOT be with your adult boyfriend.

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