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Can a 17 year old girl have intercourse with a 22 year old man in Alabama?


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The age of consent is 16 in Alabama. There won't be any issues legally.


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Yes; the age of consent in Alabama is 16.

If a 32 year old man has sexual intercourse with a 15 year old girl in Florida, he can go to prison. The slang term for such a girl is "Jail Bait."

no they cant obviously 12 is a bit too young

In Alabama you have to be 18 in order to get married without parental consent

By having sexual intercourse with a man. The man ejaculates inside the vagina.

No, to do that you need sexual intercourse with a man.

There is usually no problem about dating per se; the potential problem is if you have sexual intercourse.

There is no possible way to tell if a man has had intercourse unless he tells you that he has. You cannot even tell if a girl has had sex unless she tells you as well...

Yes since the age of consent is 16 unless the 22yo is a figure of authority, then it's 18.

Yes, if you are 18, you are legally aloud to do anything within the law.

yes, it is legal to date for a man to date a 17 year old because the legal age is 16 in the state of AlabamaAccording to AVERT, the age of consent in Alabama is 16years of age.

When a girl has intercourse with a man then the male sperm meets with the female egg and it is fermanted and in nine months time a baby is born.

Yes it is normal to want intercourse at 60.

It either means he's a scared failure of a man,or doesnt have a condom or other form of contreception available for use to participate in sexual intercourse.

by having a sexual intercourse with a man(obviously), a girl can be pregnant. The egg cell is not located in our trachea so it is impossible for a girl to get pregnant by driniking sperm.

Human fertilisation is when a man and women have sexual intercourse. Another name for the fertilisation is ovulation. xoxo gossip girl.

If a girl has her period every month at that age, she can become pregnant if there is unprotected sexual intercourse with a fertile man/boy.

It is legal to date a 21 year old man if you are a 17 year old girl. It is not legal to engage in certain activities with a 21 year old man as he could be prosecuted.

During sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, the man places his penis inside the woman's vagina. This is known as vaginal intercourse. Sexual intercourse could refer to any type of sexual activity in which one partner penetrates another. Other "types" of sexual intercourse include anal intercourse and oral intercourse.

If you mean immediately after intercourse then no, neither can the woman.

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