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If it is Ok with both sets of parents. They are minors and the parents are responsible for them.

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Q: Can a 17 year old pregnant girl and her 15 year old boyfriend live together in the girl's house with her parents?
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What if your boyfriend has 2 girls pregnant?

Dump him.

What can the parents of a 16 year old girl do to her 21 year old boyfriend if the girl becomes pregnant in the state of Kentucky?

The parents might punish the girls 21 year old boyfriend. . . or if shes married the parents might accept him. . . or if the parents cannot do anything with the boy they'll just accept him in the family.

If 18 year old boyfriend got 15 year old girlfriend pregnant can the 18 year old go to jail even though the parents are ok about it?

Yes and so can the girls' parents, too, for child endangerment.

Can parents tell a 17 or 16 year old girls they cant have a boyfriend?

Can parents tell a 17 year old that they can have a boyfriend if the guy is like 15

Are little girls aloud to get a boyfriend?

It depends on their age and the strictness of their parents or guardian.

What do you do when a girls parents don't accept you?

give the parents some space and just show them that your a respectful boyfriend and maybe do something to wow the parents and show that you care

What should I do when I was with my boyfriend 10 years and we have two girls together and he raised your son since he was two months old but he told you he just got some girl pregnant.?

* As difficult as it is your boyfriend is immature and if he is not supporting you and at least the two daughters you had together then take him to court and get child support. He has left you, has another girl pregnant and doesn't appear to be ready for commitment. It's time to move on and find someone that will treat you and your children the way you should be treated.

Are the parents of a minor pregnant child responsible for her medical bills?

Not exactly , here parents from both the sides, that is the girls parents and also the boys parents should pay for the medical bills. It should not be left entirely on the girls parents as the boy was more responsible for this mess.

What should you do if your boyfriend ditches you for other girls when your together?

Find someone that is more interested in you.

Why parents more stricts on girls than boys?

They worry about their daughters coming home pregnant.

Can a 16 year old girl and her 19 year old boyfriend live together in the girls house with her parents?

They can live in the same house. And, depending on the laws of the state or country they are in, they can sleep together. In some places it might still be a crime, but in most, 16 is the age of consent.

Can a 17-year-old move into her boyfriend and his parents' house with both his and her parents' consent?

With parental consent, yes. The move does not relieve the girls' parents from being responsible for her support, welfare and maintenance.

My son's girlfriend is pregnant we live in Tennessee can we get in trouble if we let her move in with us?

No. Watch 16 and pregnant they do it all the time as long as the girls parents don't have a problem with it!

What are the girls from 16 and pregnant last names?

Jordan's last name from 16 and pregnant the 4th season opener is (Ward) Jordan Ward. She has a face book and so does her twin sister. As well as her boyfriend!

Do girls get sensitive when pregnant?

Yes,girls get sensitive when they get pregnant.

When can girls can pregnant?

Girls can get pregnant once they've had their period.

If a 13 year old girl gets pregnant by a 15 year old boy in the state of Alabama is the girls parents responsible?

The parents will continue be responsible for their daughter and for her child.

Why are college girls interested in having a boyfriend?

All girls are intrested in having a boyfriend, its natural.

Can a futanari get a girl pregnant?

Nope, only boys can get girls pregnant

Can skinny girls have big stomachs?

Yes because the belly fat could be from the parents And also make them look pregnant which is hot

Why the girls pregnant?

girls become pregnant by having sex with another man. girls should only become pregnant when you are married and are fully devoted to your spouse.

Min Sun ye in wonder girls have a boyfriend?

Min Sun ye in wonder girls have a boyfriend?

Do Obama daughters have a boyfriend?

does obama girls have a boyfriend

Why do teen girls choose to get pregnant?

they don't chose to get pregnant they just love their boyfriend so much that they want to have sex with him or he just really wants them to do it with them so he can be the first take away your virginity, i would do it just be careful though.

Can a 23 yr old in Arkansas get in trouble by law or by the girls parents if he gets a 16 yr old pregnant?

By law, yes. By the girl's parents, it depends on her father and how many guns he owns.