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It is not possible to bore a 305 out to 327ci. You could by a stroker kit, bore your block .040 over and have 336ci. Use a good set of heads (Port and Polish) with 1.6 roller rockers, single plan intake (port and polish intake runners) with a spacer and Holley 650 carb, a Comp XE 268 cam or equal (advace it for an extra 10-20 HP). Headers 2.5 exhaust an upgraded ignition system. Try for a 9.1-9.8 compretion ratio. With this combo I promise that you will get at 325-425 HP depending on what heads you use. Convert it all to a Roller system and gain about another 20 HP. Make sure that everything in the bottom end is new with complete balancing. 327 heads on 305 block: Port, Polish, 3 or 5 angle valve Job (valves must be 1.94 on intake side) completely rebuild them and use .550 springs. Use small dome pistons matched to the heads cumbustion chamber cc's. If you use these heads and all the above mention parts, you should have no less than 380 HP naturally aspirated.


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350 heads will bolt to the 400 block. They will need to be drilled for the "steam ports" in the 400 block.

The heads will fit the block, but the vortec intake manifold will not bolt to the old style heads.

Yes the heads will, But the problem is that the vortec intake won't bolt up to the pre- 90 heads. DIFFERENT BOLT PATTERN.

The deck is the surface to which you bolt the cylinder heads to.

YES. The heads will bolt right on.

YES, If you have center dump exhaust manifolds you will want to make sure that they will bolt up to the 350 heads. You did not say what year heads you are going to use. BUT more the likely they will bolt up.

"small block" typically distinguishes between a 2 bolt and 4 bolt main. (Small block= 2 bolt main. Big/large block=4 bolt main) "long block" typically distinguishes between a rebuilt engine that has heads, rockers, rocker covers, oil pump, pan... in other words, complete, versus just block, crank, cam and pistons (short block).

They will bolt to the block but the intake will not bolt up. The vortec heads have raised runners so the ports would not match. You would also be decreasing performance as the older heads will not flow like the vortecs do or have as good as a flame travel due to the vortecs heart shape chamber,.

The 1975 L48 Corvette engine was the "base" engine and never was offered with aluminum heads or a 4-bolt main block from the factory. The L82, offered in 1975 had 4-bolt mains but still only had cast iron heads.

You will need to have the heads for the 305 bored out to the same size as the 350. I disagree: you can use the 305 heads on the 350 block but you will increase compression as the 305 heads have a smaller combustion chamber. The critical dimension is valve clearance. If compression ratio is a critical consideration, different pistons may be available which will bring the combustion chamber back to size. the 305 is from the 3.671 inch bore family. The 350 is from the 4.00 inch bore family. All small block heads have the same bolt pattern.

Yes, the 1970s bolt patterns for the heads are different. They changed in the later part of the 80s.

it should that would make an lt1 302 like the old z28 camaros ABOVE ANSWER IS WRONG The block is the same. The displacement of the 4.3 (L99)is different because it is de-stroked. The pistons and rotating assembly will bolt in the same as a 350 block. LT1s have little to do with the 305, aside from the external dimenstions the heads are also essentially the same but may requirew portwork to equal the lt1

i believe that any 454 bbc head will bolt up to any 454 Block. But some heads are beter then others. I would find out the specs of the head before installing.

Yes they will, But you will have to drill the 4 center bolt holes out in the 88 intake to make it bolt up to the 305 heads. I don't no why anyone would want to put 305 heads on a 350 engine, The 350 will never run like it did before.

passanger side right in the middle were the heads bolt to the lower block

it depends on what block the 1993 heads are from. im thinking they are from the lsx family. and if they are you cannot put them on your 400 the heads just wont fit bolt patterns are wrong and the heads are just a totally different design.

not same block , 5.8 is longer stroke , same bore , bigger block, heads, cam and water pump will interchange

this is a mess of a question and the answer is NO. why? because there was never a big block 350 made by Chevrolet and as far as a short block 350 on the transmission? who cares rather the motor had heads or not (i.e. short block= crate motor sold without heads). if you asked me if a big block Chevy will bolt up to a transmission that came in a vehicle with a small block i would say yes.

no they will not a 400 is a clevland series motor 460 is a 385 big block the only thing that they have in common is distrbutor and transmission bolt padern 460cid Heads will not fit a 400M because the 460cid is a 385 series big block. The 400M is a 335 series big block. The Cleveland motor is a different engine block all together; however the head bolt pattern and passage pattern on the 351M and 400M 335 series motors is identical to the 351 Cleveland. 351C heads will bolt to 351M and 400M motors, as will piston heads and intake. These improvements are great for performance improvements on the 400M, can push horse power from 165 stock to well over 300hp.

heads will bolt on but will not work. the combustion chamber is too small resultingin too much compression.most anything else (brackets,exhaust accessories etc.)will work

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