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well, that all depends on the size motor between the two escorts, and tranny types. the Ford escorts between 1991 and 1996 were all the same by way of body styling. throughout this period, they came in two different engine types: the 1.9 SEFI motor (made by ford) and the 1.8 DOHC (made by Mazda). unfortunetely, the transmissions between the two aren't interchangeable. so, if the '92 and '93 escorts you're referring to have the same engine type, then the answer is yes.

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Is the manual transmission in a 1992 ford escort 1.9L sealed or not?


Will a 1992 Saturn SL2 5 speed manual transmission fit into a 1993 Saturn SC2 automobile that has a bad 5 speed manual transmission?


What years transmission will fit a 1991 jetta 5 speed?

1987 to 1992 uses the same 5 speed manual transmission in the gas models

What is the transmission capacity of a 1992 Ford Escort Wagon?

A manual transaxle requires 2.9 quarts of MERCON automatic transmission fluid. Fill at speedometer cable connection.

What lube goes in the transmission of a 1992 5 speed explorer?

My Haynes repair manual shows Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid for the 5 speed Mazda manual transmission - check to see if ATF is stamped somewhere near the transmission fill plug

Does a 1992 Geo Prizm5 speed manual transmission require fluid and how much?

Should be a plug at the side or the transmission - fill to this level

What kind of fluid transmission needed for 1991 ford ranger whit a 5 speed manual shift?

The 1992 2.3L 5 Speed required Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid. That's right, you need to put ATF in the manual transmission.

What fluid goes into a 1994 manual 5 speed transmission?

If you have the owners' manual, check it. If not, the 1992 Rangers' Mazda 5-speed manual transmission called for MERCON ATF..yes that's correct; Automatic Transmission fluid goes in the manual transmission. You can fill it through the Hex- bolt hole located on the driver's side of the unit near the middle.

How much transmission fluid goes in a 2.3 liter 1992 5 speed ford ranger?

For a 1992 Ford Ranger , 2.3 liter four cylinder : The 5 speed manual transmission takes ( 2.8 U.S. quarts of MERCON automatic transmission fluid )

What type of transmission fluid goes into a 1992 ford f-150 with a manual transmission?

A 5 speed (Mazda built) Manual transmission requires Mercon or Dextron II automatic trans fluid. A 4 speed requires 80w-90 gear lube.

What type of transmission fluid goes in a 1992 Ford Ranger manual transmission?

On a 1992 Ford Ranger : It depends on which 5 speed manual transmission you have : The Mitsubishi transmission , code " D " ( takes 4.8 pints of 80-90W gear lube ) The Mazda transmission , code " M " ( takes 5.6 pints of MERCON automatic transmission fluid )

What type of fluid is used in a 1992 C1500 manual transmission?

Synchromesh Manual Transmission Fluid

How much oil for a 1992 Ford Ranger manual transmission?

For a 1992 Ford Ranger , 5 speed manual transmission : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have the Mitsubishi made transmission ( transmission code " D " ) It takes 2.4 U.S. quarts of 80-90 W gear lube ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have the Mazda made transmission ( transmission code " M " ) It takes 2.8 U.S. quarts of MERCON automatic transmission fluid

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1992 22re engine?

On a manual transmission it is right next to the transmission fill plug. It is electric, so you will see a small plug entering the transmission on the driver's side.

What is the correct fluid for a 5 speed manual transmission in a 1992 GMC fwd pickup?

Up to the mark that says"full"on the dipstick.

What is the capacity of transmission fluid for your 1992 Toyota Paseo?

Manual transmission = 2.5 u.s. qts. Auto transmission = 3.3 u.s. qts. source = 1992 Toyota Paseo repair manual

Transmission fluid type of 1992 Jeep Wrangler manual transmission?


Will a 1987 Ford Escort automatic transmission fit a 1992 Ford Escort station wagon?

They are not interchangable. The 87 is a 1st generation Escort and the 92 is a 2nd generation Escort.

Will a 5-speed manual transmission from a 1990 silverado sport fit in a 1992 silverado with a 5.7 v8?

it will, but need addl. parts.

Where is the filler plug for a manual transmission on a 1992 Pontiac lemans?


What type fluid manual transmission 1992 jeep?


Does a Camaro have 5 gears?

A five speed manual transmission was optional on third generation (1982 - 1992) and fourth generation (1993 - 2002) Camaros.

Can a 1992-95 Honda civic 5 speed manual transmission fit a 1991 Honda civic?

Yeah, it will fit. But the 1991 civic sohc 1.5 transmission is cable and the 1992-1995 transmission is hydraulic. So yeah it will fit no it will not work with out doing other work. Also The speed sensor is cable in the 1991 and the 1992-1995 is electronic, more work.

How do you switch out an automatic transmission with a manual transmission on a 1992 Toyota Paseo?

You don't if you're going to drive it on the street, it's cheaper to buy one with a manual transmission.

What type of transmission oil is used for a 1992 940?

Depending on the transmission type, a 1992 Volvo 940 requires: Automatic transmission: Dexron III (technically, Dexron II, but most brands on the market these days are all upgraded to DEX III). Or, you can also use Volvo's OE brand of automatic transmission fluid, which of course meets the specs of Dexron II/III. The fluid capacity is 2.2 quarts. 4 speed Manual transmission: Type F (2.8 quarts) 5 speed Manual transmission: Type F (1.6 quarts)