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Can a 19 year old get their driver's license in Florida without having a permit?

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I'm sure you can you would just have to take both the writing and reading portion and then if allowed take the drivers portion that if you pass the test both reading and writing and then the driving if you only pass the reading and writing would they give you a permit call and check with the license bureau in Florida.

2006-08-21 14:04:02
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Can you get a CDL without having a drivers license?


Can you purchase license plates without a valid drivers license?

Yes. You can be the registered owner of a vehicle and apply for license plates even without having a drivers permit.

In Michigan can you register a car without having a drivers license in your name?

No, you must have a valid drivers license to register your car.

Can you buy a car in Michigan without having a drivers license?

no impossible

Can you buy a car in kansas without having a driver's license?

Yes, you can buy a car in Kansas without having a drivers license. However, you will need a license in order to title a car.

Are there any penalties for having a car registered in New York but having a drivers license in Florida?

No if you can prove you live in both states.

Can you get a CDL without having a drivers license in Texas?

No, not in Texas or any other state.

What is the fine for driving without a license?

It varies from state to state. Here in Florida, not having your license is a $74.50 ticket. Driving without ever having obtained a valid license is a mandatory court appearance.

Can you get a motorcycle permit if I do not have a class C license?

It all depends on the state you live in. For example, in VA it is possible to have a motorcycle license without having a drivers license. If you already have a drivers license, you would get an M-Class endorsement.

Can you have insurance on your car without having a drivers license?

Yes, you just can't drive the car.

Do you need a California license to own a California car - can you do title transfer with an out-of-state license?

You can own a car without having a drivers license.

Can you drive a motor vehicle without having your drivers license in your possession?

You can drive without the license but if you get stopped by an officer he may cite you for it. But he can check of you have a valid license and if you don't the car could be impounded.

Is there any way to get your license with out having to have a permit?

It depends on your state's laws, but in AL, if you turn 18 without a permit, you can get a drivers license from the DMV.

Can you get your drivers permit while getting your GED in North Carolina?

You can get a divers license with or without having a GED.

Can you drive in Virginia with an out-of-state drivers license?

you can drive anywhere in the U.S. with any states drivers liscense.It is possible to drive across the country without having to obtain a drivers license in each state because a drivers license is valid in all 50 states. Most states also have a drivers license compact that reports traffic infractions.

What happends if you get in a car accident with out a drivers license?

Most states will give you a citation for not having a drivers license.

Can you work with out having a drivers lisence?

Yes, you can work without having a driver's license, although you will need another form of legal ID.

Can a 17 year old get their drivers license without having a permit?

No, in most states, no matter how old you are you must have your permit before you can obtain a driver's license.

Why you shouldn't drive without a drivers license?

The risk of arrest, fines, having your vehicle impounded, being disqualified from obtaining a license, possible jail time.

Does having a drivers license improve your credit score?


Is it illegal to drive someone else's car without having a drivers license?

It is illegal to drive in any US state, to drive any car, if you do not have a driving license.

How can you get your drivers license back to normal status after having a restricted Georgia permit without paying the fine or taking the drivers course?

The answer is contained in the question itself. Pay your fines (and penalties, if any) - take the drivers course and successfully complete it - then, re-apply for your license.

Having a car in your name with no drivers license?

yes.... but try to insure it..........

Can you get a car loan without having a drivers license?

No you need a valid DL for the loan officer to see...or you could have someone co-sign a loan for you...

Can you still get a drivers license in Michigan if you have a suspended license in Arizona?

You have a license in Arizona. Having one from another state would be illegal.