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Not if she does not have a license. All drivers are required to have a license. If she does have a license, she can drive with them in the car.

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Q: Can a 19 year old married woman drive with her licensed 19 year old husband and baby in the car in the state of GA?
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In the state of Louisiana who can you drive with IF YOU HAVE A PERMIT?

You can drive with any licensed driver

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No, you are not legally married no matter what State your husband was married in to his other wife and he is a bigamist.

What is the legal age to drive alone?

This varies depending on the state in which you are licensed.

Do you drive by yourself or you take records?

You cannot drive by yourself unless your are properly licensed by the state in which you live.

In the state of Louisiana can someone with a learner's permit drive outside of the state with a licensed driver in the car with them?


Can an 18 year old with a learners permit drive with a 17 year old licensed driver?

The rules for your state will tell you. In my state the licensed driver must be 21.

Can you drive in NH with a Mass learners permit if with a licensed driver?

No.. NH is one of the states which will not alow out-of-state drivers to drive in their state on a learner's permit.

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Can a permit driver drive with another teenage licensed driver in the state of CA?


Can you drive to school with a learner's permit?

Depends on state and experience, and whether a licensed driver is with you.

How old does the licensed driver have to be in the car for a permit driver to drive in the state of Alabama?

As long as the other driver is fully licensed there is no age limitation.

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