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Yes, Im sure he can. Just check with the court system in your county about the procedure. If you are of the state's age of majority, you would not be eligible to be adopted. You can however, have your name changed to that of the person who raised you and also have your birth certificate amended to reflect the change.

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Could a teenager live with their biological father if they have been adopted by their stepfather?

Yes, they could.

If your children have been adopted by your ex-partner's husband do you still have to pay child maintenance?

== == * Canadian law states that if your ex's new husband has adopted the children and given them his name then you, the biological father are no longer responsible for child Maintenance. * In the UK if the children are legally adopted by someone else, then the biological father is then not the legal father and has no further duty to maintain.

Is Nicola Peltz a Christian?

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Can you get child support from your sons biological father even if he signed his rights over?

Yes, unless the child has been adopted.

Is Joey King adopted?

no she has not been adopted

What legal rights does a step father have if the biological father has not had contact for over 1 year and still contests adoption?

Well my step father adopted me. Because mother and step father kept track of when my real father seen me, my real fathers background, what he provided, receipts from what they provided, and in 2 years....if no contact has been made after attempting it may be able to be rulled child abandoment. That's how i got adopted.

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What is edward dad name in twilight?

edward was named after his biological father, so his father's name is edward Anthony masen, the first. once he has been adopted as a vampire, his new father is dr. carlisle Cullen.

Can bio-mother add step father to birth certificate without notifying biological father and step father not adopted child?

no, changing the birth certificate requires adoption, and can only be done if the birth father's parental rights have been terminated.

Can a father sign his rights over on his child who has never been involved in his life and get out of paying support on that child?

Child support can be terminated only if/when the child is adopted.

Did jarome iginla ever get adopted?

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If bio-father passes away does stepmother have rights if the child has been living with them for years?

In many states, she only has firm custody if she has already adopted the child.

Has trace Cyrus been adopted?


How can you go about having your daughter being adopted by your husband if the biological father cannot be located to sign over his rights?

it depends on the state and how long the biological father has been gone. It is never a bad idea to petition the court to see what happens.

Name two parts of chinese culture that japan adopted?

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If a father relinquishes all rights to a child in the state of Louisiana is that child eligible to share in the fathers estate?

If the child had not been adopted, this would need to be interpreted by a probate judge.

How does a grandparent find out if their grandchild is in foster care or has been adopted in NC?

I need to know how to know if our grandchild has either been adopted or if the child remains in fostercare in North Carolina? How can I research this? I realize that the adopted parents would not be named but atleast we would know they have been adopted or not! Your help would be greatly appreciated!

My husband is not my daughters biological father yet his name is on her birth cert and we are now getting divorced What rights does he have to my daughter?

He would have all of the rights that a biological father has. If he was not the biological father, then his name should not have been put on the birth certificate in the first place, unless he adopted her and the birth certificate was changed.

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