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Yes, you just won't go as fast.


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my dad ways 190lbs when he was on a 250cc

it depends on how fast you ride or if your gowing up a hill

16+ 50cc and under. 17+ 125cc. 21+ for a full sized Motor bike with or without a side car. i would say 250cc is 21+ maybe 18+

in a car or on a two person bike....

certainly, if it has a two seater.

You may ride or drive any vehicle on private land provided:You have the land owner's permission, andthe general public do not have access to the land you are driving/riding on.

The amount of calories a person burns riding a bike can vary depending on many factors. The geography of the bike ride, the weight of the person, and the speed the ride was done in. It can also vary depending on if you are outside or riding a stationary bike. On average you may burn around 300 calories.

2.5 hours to lose 1 pound. You must be going at least 7 miles an hour

Sort of you cant ride a 250 unless a- you have got your CBT and passed your test b- you have your CBT and are under instruction (ie on the road with an instructor following you) you cannot just ride one about yourself just because your 18

No, it is illegal to ride a dirt bike on the street but you can ride it on a trail or dirt bike track.

Yes. Justin can ride a bike

Kyall Renshaw was the first person to carve up on a treadly.

Get a bike and ride it

You ride a bike because it has to be balanced by the operator.

It depends on how fast you can ride a bike!

I'm assuming you mean: will a person who can't ride a bicycle be able to ride a motorcycle? ... And I don't think so. The basic balancing is very similar, and if you can't do that it'd be hard to ride a motorcycle.

find a really small person to ride it

You can believe it or not ride a bike with only 1 brake, but you can't ride your bike on the road with 1 brake

if youy buy a 450 you will kill yourself. I have a ttr 230 and its a good bike and im 15. I ride with guys that have 450s and there 25 and older and they kill themselves

I can ride my bike with no handlebars ...... no handlebars...... no handlebars FLO BOTS

Ride my bike is "faire du vélo" in french.

i keep the bike on tand and ride on it , then handle is no bar

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