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Can a 27-year-old go to jail for getting his 17-year-old girlfriend pregnant if the age of consent is 16?

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Yes. This is one instance where judges do not hestitate to impose the maximum sentencing allowed if the adult is convicted of a crime(s) against an underage person.

2006-08-10 20:49:08
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Q: Can a 27-year-old go to jail for getting his 17-year-old girlfriend pregnant if the age of consent is 16?
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Could a 17 year old boy get in trouble if he gets his girlfriend pregnant in Missouri?

Depends on how old the girlfriend is. The age of consent is 17 there.

Will a 20year old be in trouble for getting his 16year old girlfriend pregnant in minnesota?

No, the age of consent there is 16.

Can a sixteen year old marry his pregnant girlfriend in Missouri without parental consent?

The only way for him to marry his girlfriend is for her to be 18 and him to have parental consent or if she is under the age of 18 both would need parental consent. The male would have to be legally divorced from his parents otherwise.

Can a 19 year old guy marry his 17 year old Pregnant girlfriend in Arkansas?

Not without her parents consent.

Will a 19 year old in Minnesota get in trouble if his 16 year old girlfriend is pregnant?

The age of consent is 16 so everything is fine as long as she got pregnant (you had sex) when she was 16. If the 19yo is in any position of authority the age of consent is 18.

Can a 19 year old male marry his pregnant 16 year old girlfriend in the state of Minnesota?

If her parents consent to the marriage, yes.

Can a male 18 year old get arrested if girlfriend 17 gets pregnant but girl has mom consent in California?

technically yes but unlikely

Can your 15 year old pregnant girlfriend move in with you if you are working and able to provide for them without parental consent?

No - she is a minor, and as such is still under the legal age of consent. She is still the legal responsibility of her parents. Additionally - if YOU were the one who got her pregnant - you could be facing some serious charges !

Can an 19 year old male be prosecuted for getting his 17 year old girlfriend pregnant?

I would say no as she is over the age of consent which is 16.

Can a 20 year old guy get in trouble for getting his girlfriend pregnant when she is 17 in California?

No, age of consent in California is sixteen. Her Dad, maybe. The law, no.

Can seventeen year old boy marry his pregnant girlfriend with parental consent?

Legally, yes. But I don't think many people would recommend it.

Can you be charged with anything if you are 23 and your girlfriend is 16 turning 17 and she is pregnant with your child?

It depends on what state she lives in. Read more on the "age of consent" at the link below.

Would someone be arrested when their child is born if they over eighteen and their pregnant girlfriend is not over seventeen?

If she was below the age of consent when you had sex and someone reported it, then yes you could be arrested for statutory rape. What the age of consent is in your state you have to check.

Can you get married if you are 17 and pregnant but your parents don't consent but his parents consent and you live in Missouri?

No. Your parents have to consent.

You are 23 your girlfriend is 17 Can you get married with parental consent?

Yes, with her parents' consent you can get married.

What is the legal age to marry in Arkansas while pregnant without consent?

18. Under 18 (pregnant or not) requires parental consent.

How can i get to be Jaden Smith's girlfriend?

Jaden Smith is a kid and can not date. He is will below the age of consent in the state of CA where he lives. The age of consent is 18 , so you can not be his girlfriend.

Is it legal in Texas to get married at age 17 without parental consent for being pregnant?

No. Pregnant or not, you have to have parental consent if you are under the age of 18.

Can a 22 year old man go to jail for getting his 17 year old girlfriend pregnant without parental consent?

Parental consent is irrelevant has doesn't change anything. ( I robbed the bank, but it's okay, I had my parents' permission!) 16 is the age of consent in most of the places, so there will be nothing illegal about it.

Can a 17-year-old get married in Utah if she is pregnant without parental consent?

No. Pregnant or not, parental consent is required if you are under the age of 18.

Will a 19-year-old in Minnesota get in trouble if his 16-year-old girlfriend is pregnant?

The age of consent in Minnesota is 16.

You are a 29 yr old male who got his 17 yr old girlfriend pregnant can you go to jail for this in the state of pa?

he can but if you have parent consent then you should be ok...but you and both parents have to be ok with it

Does pregnant teen can go to dr with out their parents consent?

Yes, when pregnant you are medically emancipated.

What is the punishment for letting your girlfriend live with you with parents consent?

a baby

If you are underage and pregnant can you and your boyfriend get married without parental consent?

No. You still need parental consent to get ungerage marrige pregnant or not. Unless you go to one of those states where it's legal to marry without parental consent.