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It happens everyday. You must apply for residency as soon as you get married so no problems arise from it.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-28 14:02:35
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Q: Can a 27-year-old illegal male marry a 38-year-old female citizen out of true love and if so will it raise questions?
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What is a good illegal alien citizen?

'Illegal alien citizen' is an oxymoron.

Can an illegal us citizen get custody?

There is no such thing as an illegal US Citizen.

If an illegal immigrant is married to an American citizen can that person apply for a visa?

Yes they can apply - there will be tough questions though.

Can an illegal US citizen adopt?

If you're illegal you're not a citizen -- not hard really

Is marrying a U.S Citizen in order to become a U.S citizen illegal?

Yes, marrying a U.S. Citizen in order to become a U.S. citizen is illegal.

Is it illegal for a citizen to move from the US?

If you're asking is it illegal for a U.S. citizen to move out of the country then no.

If You are a us citizen but your mother is an illegal immigrant?

If a persons mother is illegal and they are a citizen, the citizen can file for a Visa for the mother. The citizen will need to file papers with the INS for citizenship.

Do applicants ignore employer's illegal questions?

The applicants technically are not ignoring illegal questions, They are oblivious that the questions may be illegal.

If you marry an illegal alien will they become a US citizen?

A person will not automatically become a US citizen as soon as soon as an illegal alien marries a citizen. The illegal alien will have to file for a VISA with the INS.

If you marry an illegal Mexican in Mexico how can he become a permanent US citizen?

If I Marry An Illegal From Mexico Can He Become A Citizen

How long after marrying a citizen and becoming a citizen can that person remarry an illegal alien?

It is wrong for a citizen to knowingly marry an illegal alien. Get advice from an Immigration lawyer.

Is Obama an illegal alien?

No, his mother was a US citizen, he is a US citizen.

Can an illegal immigrant sue an American citizen in civil court?

Can an illegal immigrant press criminal charges against an American citizen?

Can an illegal immigrant get documents after marriage with a us citizen?

Yes, an illegal immigrant, in the US can get married to an American citizen and obtain their documents

Illegal marriage of Indian lady to citizen for less than year married after citizen paid another citizen to marry Illegal firstwhat can be done?

Check with US Immigration office.

If An Illegal immigrant marries a citizen can he apply for residency?

Yes you can but you need to do it soon, you will need to answer lots of questions for how and why you entered the country illegally but they should let you in the country

Is a marriage to an illegal alien valid if they only reason for the marriage by the illegal alien was to become a citizen?

it is illegal

What happen to illegal aliens daughter if filed divorce with US citizen?

If an undocumented (illegal) immigrant is married to a U.S. citizen, then they are a U.S. citizen. So their divorce from another U.S. citizen won't affect the status of their child at all.

Citizen arrest of an illegal citizen?

Yes...Citizens Arrest is legal under the US Constitution..A US citizen has the right to arrest an illegal immigrant..Tens of thousands of citizens arrests of illegalaliens have already occurred and Thousands are arrested by citizens each year.A remote ranch in Texas as reported over 10,000 citizen arrests of illegal immigrants.However if the citizen making the arrest is mistaken and the person is a legal citizen of the US then there could be legal issues...

Can a US citizen adopt an illegal?

Dude No

Can illegal immigrants vote?

no you have to be a legal citizen.

Can an illegal immigrant with a felony become a citizen?


Does an illegal alien woman become an American citizen by birthing an American baby?

No. A baby born in the USA is automatically a citizen, but the mother is still illegal.

Can an illegal immigrant marry a us citizen in Texas?

As long as both parties provide a birth certificate a US citizen can marry an illegal in Texas. However, this will not prevent the illegal from being deported.

Would it be easier to become an American citizen if you're an illegal immigrant who is married to a U.S. citizen AND your child is a U.S. citizen as well?

I believe that you're guaranteed a citizenship when you marry a citizen, but being an illegal complicates the matter.