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for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.

Well, yes, and no. You CAN'T just disconnect the wires from the 60 amp outlet and connect them to three 20 amp outlets. It would be more like tearing out and rebuilding than converting. The 240 volt outlet has a hot wire from each side of the breaker box and each can supply a series of standard outlets if you replace the 60 amp breakers with 20 amps and pull 12 gauge wires.

Actually you CAN just disconnect the wires and connect several 20 amp outlets, IF you change the breaker to a 20 amp one. The breaker/fuse has to be sized for the lowest current link, in this case it is not the wire but the outlets. The wire will be oversized but it does not need to be replaced. Some older dryer circuits also did not include a ground, so you will have to run a grounding wire or install a GFI.


As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.




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Q: Can a 3-prong 60A 240V circuit for a dryer be converted to regular grounded outlets like 3 duplexes?
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How many standard lighting outlets on a 20 ampere circuit?

16 outlets or 80% of the total Amperage of the circuit.

Does a GFCI need to be on an independent circuit?

No, it can be on a circuit with conventional outlets.

What is ELCB distribution box?

An ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) distribution box is a type of electrical box that is used for electrical GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets. This is the type of outlet that requires a three-prong plug in, one wire of which is grounded. GFCI outlets are set up so that if there is a circuit overload, the outlet is shut off until it is reset, manually.

When is it dangerous to have 3 prong outlets if they were once 2 prong outlets and they are not grounded?

It's always dangerous to have a 3 prong outlet that isn't grounded unless it's a GFCI outlet or electrically down stream from a GFCI outlet. Down stream means the outlet is further away from the circuit breaker -- not physically further away, but further from the breaker electrically

What size circuit breaker do you need for kichen counter outlets?

Two 20 Amp circuits with the outlets staggered so a different circuit is on two adjacent outlets. Should be GFCI protected.

Infer which type of circuit an outlet is part of?

Outlets are part of a "branch" circuit.

How many outlets can you have on a 230V circuit?

Depends on what the outlets are controlling, size of the wire, and size of the breaker.

Why does your 110Vac outlet read 145Vac?

More than likely a loose neutral wire on one of the outlets in that circuit. Turn off that circuit and check all the connections at all outlets on that circuit.

How do you find out if the outlets are on the same circuit?

turn off circuits one at a time until one of the outlets you are concerned about goes off, and leave it off now check the OTHER outlets you are concerned about if any of the OTHER outlets are still alive, then they are on a different circuit

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Depends on the size wire used in the circuit. If you wired the circuit with AWG #12 wire on a 20 amp breaker then you can install no more than 12 outlets. If you wired it with AWG #14 wire on a 15 amp breaker then install no more than 9 outlets. This is assuming only outlets are on the circuit and nothing else.

Why would a whole room of wall outlets not work?

It would because the outlets are connected by a series circuit.

What could cause the electrical outlets to be inoperative?

a short in the circuit

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