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What you propose would not generally be advisable. The reason is that what you intend is construed as an add-on, for which the fuse panel harness is not equipped. If you take into account the wire sizing which has been kept to a minimum for carrying the anticipated loads for which the system is designed, then any added draw upon the circuitry would need to be kept at a minimum to stay within limits. It would be more prudent to equip the load you propose with a relay which served as a switch for your componentry, and powered the pull-in windings of that through the panel. Such an arrangement would draw far less than the load of the devices you power, causing less of a load upon the original wiring and fuse panel. The power feed for this could be, as you say, provided with an in-line fuse to the relay for the purpose of power interruption should something happen to the feed circuitry. Your outputs would be the same as you originally intended, except for being run through the relay. That's why, and how, things like your horn are run through without the need for bigger fuses. Nobody needs a fire in the dash caused by an overloaded power feed and under-sized wiring.

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Why does only the radio on a 1999 Ranger come on with no key in the ignition?

It may be that the "Hot wire" is connected to the Hot side of a fuse in the fusebox.

Where is the fuse box on an 87 ranger with a 2.9 v6?

where is fusebox 87 ford ranger

Diagram of a fuse box for a 1988 Ford Ranger?

diagram of fusebox on 1988 ford ranger

Where are fusible links on Ford Ranger?

Connected to the solenoid. It is the single chord connected to the bottom terminal of the solenoid and is connected to the chord coming from the alternator. A blown fusible link will cause typical bad alternator symptoms and not allow the battery to be charged by the alternator.

Disable seatbelt chime 2004 Ranger?

Don't do it! There are possibly other circuits connected to the junction terminal where the chime is powered from. You could lose dash and/or tail lights.

Why Lighter doesn't work in 1990 ford ranger?

Check fuse block for blown fuse; also check the wire connector terminal directly behind the lighter itself...wire might not be properly connected.

Where can I find a fusebox diagram for 2000 Mazda B3000 PU?

in the manual if u dont have it u can download it from ford its the same as a ranger

Where can you find a fuse box diagram for a 1997 Ford Ranger?

The Owners Manual will have extensive information on the fusebox systems. See "Related Questions" below

Starter relay wiring for 1992 Ford 4cy Ranger?

Solenoid on inner fender? + battery cable to large terminal Cable from starter to other large terminal Trigger wire to either small terminal

Where can you obtain a diagram for 1978 ford f-150 ranger fusebox?

From the zulu tribe found in Antarctica....but only during a snowstorm on a Tuesday in July.

On a 1993 Ford Ranger 3.0 which terminal on distributor cap is 1?

The # 1 terminal should have a 1 marked beside it. It is at the back , towards the firewall and towards the passenger side of the motor

Ineed to see a fusebox diagram for a1996 ford ranger xlt?

Click on the link below Click on Owner Guides The owners manual ( which includes the fuse diagram ) can be viewed online

What is the part on a 1987 Ranger XLT connected to the distributor cap other than the spark plugs?


Fusible link 1986 Ranger?

Ford's fusible links are usually connected to the battery side of the starter solenoid.

When replacing a three terminal starter solenoid with a 4 terminal on a 1987 Ford Ranger 2.91 how do you hook it up so it will not drain the battery?

One small terminal is labeled "S" and that is hooked up as before. The 4th small terminal is labeled "I". Leave alone as if it was not there. It goes to ignition coils on some cars, but if you did not have that before leave it disconnected. The other two large terminals are the same. George

What is the rear axle in a 1999 ford ranger with a 3.0L engine?

The short answer for you is it's the thing the back tires are connected to that drives them.

What is the list of colors that end with Ranger?

The list of colors that end with Ranger are: Red Ranger Black Ranger Blue Ranger Yellow Ranger Pink Ranger Silver Ranger Green Ranger Purple Ranger Orange Ranger Crimson Ranger Navy Ranger White Ranger Gold Ranger Teal Ranger Brown Ranger Indigo Ranger Saffron Ranger Amethyst Ranger Vermilion Ranger Chartreuse Ranger Magenta Ranger Viridian Ranger Burgundy Ranger Powder Ranger Scarlet Ranger Cyan Ranger Azure Ranger Lavender Ranger Gray Ranger Beige Ranger Cerulean Ranger Slate Ranger Cobalt Ranger Gunmetal Ranger Copper Ranger Bronze Ranger Khaki Ranger Citrine Ranger Maroon Ranger Olive Ranger Peach Ranger Cream Ranger Sangria Ranger Plum Ranger Emerald Ranger Cerise Ranger Mauve Ranger Moccasin Ranger Aquamarine Ranger Pearl Ranger Turquoise Ranger Platinum Ranger Tan Ranger Bittersweet Ranger Periwinkle Ranger Sapphire Ranger Fuchsia Ranger Dark Green Ranger Mahogany Ranger Sea Green Ranger Claret Ranger Lime Ranger Amber Ranger Ecru Ranger Taupe Ranger Tawny Ranger Lilac Ranger Ochre Ranger Sepia Ranger Celadon Ranger Rust Ranger Orchid Ranger Ash Ranger Steel Ranger Sky Ranger Burnt Orange Ranger Brick Ranger Caramel Ranger Marigold Ranger Burnt Sienna Ranger Verdigris Ranger Indochine Ranger Carmine Ranger Linen Ranger Goldenrod Ranger Butterscotch Ranger Dark Gray Ranger Harlequin Ranger Amaranth Ranger Ultramarine Ranger Royal Blue Ranger Garnet Ranger Ebony Ranger Ivory Ranger Thistle Ranger Jade Ranger Auburn Ranger Sienna Ranger Umber Ranger Cadet Blue Ranger Dark Brown Ranger Orange Peel Ranger Hunter Green Ranger Coral Ranger Salmon Ranger Avocado Ranger Wisteria Ranger Persimmon Ranger Apricot Ranger Brass Ranger Ruby Ranger Mint Ranger Forest Ranger Aubergine Ranger Hazel Ranger Topaz Ranger Bisque Ranger Spring Ranger Rainbow Ranger

Where can i find a fuse box diagram 1989 ford ranger?

Get a cheap Haynes manual for your truck or just look on the cover to the fusebox if you have one, Some websites may also have PDF files on the same information; look around.

Where is the fuse box on a 2007 Ford Ranger?

In '90, the fuse box was at the left end of the dashboard, against the driver's side door. The diagram was on the inside of the fusebox cover. ( in the passenger footwell , behind the kick panel access panel )

Where is the pcv valve located on a 1991 Ford Ranger xlt?

PCV valve locationI have a 4cyl '91 ranger and believe the valve is mounted on the passenger side of the engine bay, towards the back corner. It should have two hoses connected to it. I also have a 91 ranger 2.3 and mine was located on the drivers side, just in backof the throttle body, it has two large hoses connected to it so it makes it hard tofind.

Location of fusible link in 1986 Ford Ranger?

Ford's fusible links are usually connected to the battery side of the starter solenoid.

What does the computer reset button look like on a 1992 Ford Ranger?

disconnect the negative battery terminal to reset the pcm computer. disconnect it for at least 20 minutes

Where is horn relay on 1987 Ford Ranger?

To find the horn relay on a 1987 Ford Ranger, look along the steering column under the dash. Here you will find the speed control amplifier bracket, which is what the horn relay is connected to.

Where is the thermostat located on a 2002 Ford Ranger?

follow the top radiator hose to the engine, the thermostat is located in the housing that that end of the hose is connected to

Where is fuse link on 1982 Ford Ranger?

Generally find fuseable links on a Ford connected to the battery side of the starter relay/solenoid.