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Can a 300 pound teenager lose weight?

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Yes, with a doctor's supervision, it is quite likely that a 300 pound teenager will lose weight. A doctor is likely to recommend limited caloric intake and exercise.

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Does cardio help you to lose weight?

Cardiovascular exercises such as running, cycling, swimming, or rowing are excellent exercises to help you lose weight. A 160 pound person who runs for 30 minutes burns about 300 calories. If you burn 300 calories a day doing cardio exercises, that equates to almost a half-pound of weight loss per week.

What is 300 kilograms?

It is the Weight of something. Perhaps you meant to ask. "What is the equivalent of 300 Kg in the Imperial system of measure. Answer:- 300 X 2.24 Pound Weight. 300 kg equals approximately 661 pounds.

How much cardio a day to lose weight?

To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume. For example, running 3 miles will burn roughly 300 calories.

How fast will you lose weight eating 300 calories per day?

You will lose weight extremly fast but when you start to eat properly again youl put twice as much on!

If a 300 pound man rides his bike from Vancouver to Newfoundland how much weight would he have lost with a rate of 30 miles a day?

First off, it's very highly likely that said 300 pound man is obese. He can't bike 30 miles in a day unless it's downhill all the way, and that won't lose him any weight at all. Second of all, after how much time? How much weight does he lose a day, assuming he can ride a bike 30 miles a day? About 35 calories per mile, so about 1050 calories burned a day. 3000 calories make up a pound of fat. Assuming he just drinks water for 7 days, he'd lose 2.3 pounds a week.

Does a person's head weigh one-third of their total body weight?

No, a 300 pound man couldn't carry around a 100 pound head.

Are the Jumpsmart trampolines durable enough to hold a 300 pound person?

The Jumpstart trampoline is intended for children and as such is unable to hold the weight of a 300 lb person.

How much weight can you lose running 15 miles a week?

It all depends on tour body weight, fitness level, and heart rate. If your a fit 130 pound guy then probably no pounds at all. But if your 300 pounds then probably 6 to 9 pounds depending on if you change your diet.

How many caliores do you lose in a 45 min brisk walk?

Probably around 250-300. Less if your under weight and more if your over weight.

How long doe it take to lose 50 pounds?

To permanently lose 50 pounds - it'll take you around 5-to-8 months if you go on a proper diet & exercise and the more overweight you are... The quicker you'll lose 50 pounds. For example a 300 pound person will lose 50 pounds in maybe 3-5 months because there bodies (because of excess weight) burn more calories than a person at a low weight and... It may actually take a 200 pound person 5-8 months to lose 50 pounds Exercsie is also a factor - The more intenser and longer you exercise = the faster you'll lose 50 pounds

How many pounds is 300 calories?

300 calories does not equal a pound because a pound is 3,500 calories.

How large are pandas when their born?

A newborn baby Panda is very tiny and doesn't even weight half a pound. Adult Pandas weight about 250-300 pounds.

Is there a weight limit for mobility scooters?

After doing some research it seems that most mobility scooters have a 300 pound weight limit. If you are more than that, or close to that, they do have other options.

Does the weight of a person affect their buoyancy?

Generally, it is not the weight so much as the amount of fat to lean muscle and bone. The more fat a person has the more buoyant they are. You could a have 300-pound weightlifter who is solid muscle (very dense) and a 300-pound elderly man who has little lean muscle and lots of fat. The elderly man would be more buoyant even though their weight is the same.

If you lose 300 calories a day how much pounds would you lose in 3 months?

A pound is 3500 calories. In order to lose a pound a week, you need to burn 500 more calories each day than you would normally ingest. The average female burns around 1400 calories each day (this is just for basic bodily functions), and males are around 1800. In three months, if you were to burn 300 calories a day, you would lose approxamitely 8 pounds.

What is a pythons weight?

The weight of pythons varies greatly according to species. The small Pygmy Python has an average weight of around half a pound, while the Reticulated Python weighs between 260 and 300 pounds.

How many calories to eat daily if you are 141 pounds and 5'4 and 28 years old to lose weight?

depending on how active you are and how much you want to lose a week would help. there are 3600 calories in a pound so if you cut out a 1000 calories a day you will lose about 2 pounds a week without exercising. So if you eat about 1200 calories a day and work out to burn about 300 calories a day you will lose 2-3lbs a week.

Im 15 and a size UK 8 to10 if you lose weight will you get loose hangy skin and could you achieve a flat stomach?

No you will not get hangy skin. When your a teenager your bodys largest organ is your skin. So when you lose that weight your skin which is a very extrordinary part of your body, it will shrink. But if you were a fat old man around the ages of 25-100 then yes you will have bad skin, but to have hangy skin you need to be obese. Im talkin about 300 and over.

Can the use of the sauna help you lose weight?

Yes, 30 minutes sauna session can burn between 300-600 calories.

How many calories should you eat for your size?

As a general rule of thumb, the number of calories a person can consume that will not result in a weight gain or loss is determined by multiplying a person's weight by 15. Thus, a 200 pound person will maintain this weight by consuming 3,000 calories per day. (200 X 15 = 3,000) Similarly, a 100 pound person would maintain his/her weight by consuming 1,500 calories per day. (100 X 15 = 1,500) Interestingly, this is one of the reasons it is easier for a person to lose weight in the early stages of a diet. If a person weighs 200 pounds at the start of a diet, he/she will lose weight by restricting their calories to 2,700 calories per day because this is 300 calories less than the 3,000 necessary to maintain a weight of 200 pounds. However, when this person reaches a weight of 180 pounds, he/she will no longer lose any weight on a 2,700 calorie diet because this number of calories will maintain a weight of 180 pounds. (180 X 15 = 2,700) Therefore, in order to continue losing weight, this person will have to further reduce the number of calories consumed each day. Using the following formula, it is possible to determine how much weight someone will gain or lose by eating more or less calories than the amount that will maintain their present weight; 3,500 calories = 1 pound of fat. Therefore, a person will gain one pound by eating an extra 3,500 calories or lose one pound by decreasing their calorie intake by 3,500. Thus, if a person eats 100 calories per day less than what is required to maintain their weight, he/she will lose one pound over the course of 35 days (35 days X 100 calories = 3,500 = 1 pound of fat), or 10 pounds in a year (365 days X 100 calories = 36,500 calories divided by 3,500 = 10.4 pounds of fat). Conversely, eating an extra 100 calories per day will result in a 10 pound weight gain over the course of one year.

How many carbs should a 300 pound woman eat per day?

If you are wanting to lose weight, 20 - 70 grams are recommended depending on your level of activity. For more information, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

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