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No. However, it might be possible for the custodial parent to sue for financial damages incurred because of the non compliance of the obligated parent, depending upon whether or not the state in which the order was issued has a statute of limitations for the action. The same applies to any state or federal agency which rendered public assistance for support of the minor child.

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Can you collect child support at age 28?

Your custodial parent can collect unpaid support that accrued under an order. Support sometimes continues after the child becomes an adult if the child is disabled.

Can an adult child sue their deceased parent's estate for unpaid child support?


Can a child collect on child support arrears as an adult?


Can an adult child get unpaid child support in Alabama?

No, child support is not paid to the child but to the parent raising the child.

Can you sue your mother for unpaid child support as an adult on behalf of deceased Father?

No, as an adult there is no longer need for a child support. Your father should have done this when you were a child.

Can adults sue their parents for unpaid child support?

No. Child support is owed to the custodial parent.The right to collect child support belongs to the custodial parent, not the child, even after the child is an adult they cannot bring a suit for back child support.An adult child may be able to bring a suit for child support arrears on behalf of their parent's estate if they are the court appointed representative of the estate and any statute of limitations has not expired. In that case thy should consult with an attorney.

What if your child is an adult can someone still collect child support?

if you have insurance and they die, like that gerber life plan...but not if theyre over18 if its child support

Can an adult child collect on deceased parent's benefits if they never paid court ordered child support?

The adult child might have a claim on the deceased parent's estate.

Can a 32 year old adult child collect back child support fom her biological father in North Carolina?


Can an illegitimate adult child sue their parent for unpaid child support?

In some cases it is possible for an adult to sue a non compliant parent for child support arrearages. However, there must be established paternity and a child support order in place before the child reaches the age specified in the laws of the state where the child was born.

Can an attorney collect unpaid fees from the parent of a child who is not a minor if the child owes the attorney money from a criminal case?

Generally, parents are not responsible for the debts of their adult children. (Sometimes there are exceptions for severely disabled children.)

What if you filed for child support but now have found the parent and child is an adult can you still collect?

When did you file? Was it ever heard in court? How old is your child?

Is it ok to collect Hot Wheels as an adult?

Yes it is, as an adult you can decide to collect what you want to. Many adults already collect Corgi and Dinky toys so why not Hot Wheels.

Can an adult collect back child support from his biological father in Indiana?

I don't know, but I am aware of several cases where the custodial parent collected back child support years after the child reached adult age, even to the point of garnishing social security payments.

Can you collect back child support after the child's an adult?

If you live in Texas is answer is absolutly YES. I have been collecting arrearages owed for the past 7 years.

If parent of child is wrong name on birth certificate when child becomes adult can you change parent name and collect child support?

No. What you suggest is not possible.

Can an adult from Colorado file a child support claim for a father that never supported him a child in Colorado?

If there was an order entered, the statute of limitations never expires on unpaid child support. If there was never an order entered, you're not going to get one entered at this point.

How do i submit a form for back pay child support if im the child but grew up?

Most states do not allow a child to collect back support as an adult. Although the right to child support belongs to the child, support is payable to the custodial parent to assist in the care and upbringing of that child. If the custodial parent did not receive that support, then she (or he) made contributions that should have come from the other parent, and the right to collect the back support belongs to her.

Can you collect back child support for an adult child if you just found out the father lives in indiana. The court did not order support cause he abanded us and I had no idea where he was.?

This will be successful only if the child is severely handicapped.

Can a 31 year old adult child collect back child support from his biological father in Louisiana?

Yes. There is no statute of limitations on collecting past-due child support. Keep in mind that he might not have any money.

Does a known father who chooses to ignore his child owe backed child-support Can child now adult collect?

Once the child has reached maturity, past child support is uncollectable. Frustrating as this is, that is the way it goes.

Can you file for your mom's Social Security she never used?

No. There really is no such thing as "unused" benefits. If a person pays FICA (Social Security and Medicare) taxes but dies before he or she can collect benefits, his or her widow or widower and minor children, or adult children disabled before age 22 (if applicable) can collect monthly checks for survivors' benefits. Able-bodied adult children or those who became disabled after age 22 cannot collect benefits from their mother's Social Security (FICA) contributions. The unpaid amount remains in the Social Security trust fund.

According to new york state law who is responsible for unpaid medical bills for a 19 year old since child support has to be paid until she is 21?

The 19 year old is an adult and should pay own medical bills.

Can debt collectors come after parents of adult child for unpaid bills?

Not unless the parents are a party to the agreement such as a co-signer.

Can i get emancipated from my dad to another adult at 17 while pregnant?

Probably not. Emancipation makes you legally an adult, but it requires that you be able to support yourself and be treated as an adult. A child that needs support will not be emancipated.