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no,,, he probably just likes the fact that he is with someone so fresh,,, and young,,, What is wrong with you?!!! I'm 17 and i know the answer to that question... don't ask us, ask yerself. u obviously have some doubt if ur asking the question in 1st place!! AAaaargh... u'd think our generation would be smarter than the last but we're just getting DUMBER!!! * Regardless of the reasons, a 35-year-old has absolutely no business being involved with a minor (the gender of the adult involved does not matter). Although the 17-year-old may be of the AOC in the state in which the relationship is occurring, there are still laws that apply when there us such a difference in ages. The adult male in this instance could be charged and proscecuted for several criminal offenses relating to a minor. Authorities do not need the cooperation of the minor or the minor's parents to take such action.

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Q: Can a 35-year-old man be in love with a 17-year-old girl or is he just playing around?
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