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I don't know the legalities...but I think if you were to sue her,that would do nothing. Maybe you'll get some money...maybe that's what you're after. But if you are simply seeking a return to normalcy I suggest you ignore her; maybe change your phone number, e mail address, move if possible. Ask your birth mother to stop contacting you. Don't let her know the extent of pain she's caused you...She seems like perhaps she'd thrive off of knowing her maniuplation worked. WHen all is said and done, she gave up any obligation in your life when she entered the adoption process. Likewise, you have no obligation to her. Feel no guilt cutting her off. And for yourself, perhaps talk this through with a counselor...if you go to church usually pastors are free. If not, even a good friend might help. *

No, an adult can petition for a restraining order to keep the person from contacting them, but a civil suit is not viable. There is no reason for the innocent person to change their lifestyle to accomodate someone who is harassing them, regardless of the relatioship. When a restraining or no contact order has been issued by the court, the person violating the order can be taken into custody by authorities and held without bond until trial. At the trial the judge will decide what further action is needed, this may include incarceration and possibly an order of monetary damage restitution paid to the victim, depending upon individual circumstances and the laws of the state of residency.


no of course not, it was your choice if you decided to go to a personal family reunion, whatever happened, it is not a matter for the law

its not very adult nor is it a matter for the law when you want to sue your parent whom you clearly have problems with because you had problems with them when you met them.

what would you sue for?making the free choice to go see your biological mother , you got stressed and upset, and it didnt turn out how you hoped? do you think that sounds like something the law would look into?

you need to grow up and realize that people make mistakes, including you, (and including your parents) that maybe going to the reunion is one of them, accept whatever happened, accept whatever problems are either not going to be fixed yet or not going to be fixed at all and move on with your life.


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Q: Can a 40-year-old adult child sue the biological mother for emotional and mental abuse caused by the reunion?
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