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You should be able to. The 454 came stock in the '74 which is the same body style.

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2006-05-11 14:18:08
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Q: Can a 427 or 454 big block engine fit in a 1977 Corvette with minimal modification?
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Can a 454 Chevy big block engine fit into a 1966 corvette with a 427 engine?


Where is the fuel pump located in a 1979 corvette?

Front, right side of engine block

Will a small block engine fit in a 92 Saturn sl1?

Anything will fit with enough modification

Will a 1969 Corvette 350 block fit in a 1994 Corvette?

Yes, the block will fit.

What car did my GM engine block number 10125327 come from?


Where is the oil temperature sensor located on a 1986 Corvette?

Right above the oil filter , in the engine block.

Where is the oil sending unit for a 1995 Chevy Corvette?

It is at the back of your intake manifold screwed into the engine block.

Which engine was used on a 1965 Corvette?

The 1965 Chevrolet Corvette came standard with a big block engine. The motor was 396 cubic inches and was able to produce over 425 horsepower. The big block helped pave the way for future American muscle cars.

What type of truck has a chevy big block engine?

A chevvy big block engine is a powerful, high performance engine that is installed in large trucks. Example of trucks that have chevvy big block engines include the Chevrolet Corvette and the Chevrolet Nova.

Will a 1969 Corvette 350 eng. block fit in a 1994 Corvette?

Yes, the block will fit.

Where can you find engine numbers for a 1963 corvette?

Chevy small block V8 engine numbers can be found on a flat surface area on the front passenger side of the engine block just below the passenger side cylinder head.

Will a gm 572 crate engine fit into a 1972 original big block corvette without modifying the hood?


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