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Yes it can. 3 inch is big enough.
It depends on the girl. Some girls won't care how big your penis is, but some will.
i need atleast a good 7 inches soft


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if a girl loves you then she won't care.

my penis is 4 inches can it satisfy a girl of 18 yrs

only if the 4 inch penis is erect, any erect penis that releases sperm up a female v**** can and most likely will...

It's Not The Size Of The Boat.. It's The Motion In The Ocean ;)

A four inch penis is enough to satisfy most women. The woman gets more pleasure in how you use your penis than the overall length.

Nope its an average size.

Yes, you generally can satisfy a girl with a 5 inch penis if she is capable of being satisfied. Some women buy into the media notion that they can't have sex with anything under a certain size. But it isn't so much about the size, but what you do with it. Women aren't all that deep anyhow, so once you get over 4-5 inches, she starts to run out of room. A lot of women use their knees to control the thrusting when dealing with a penis that is too long for them.

You can marry someone if you've got a 1 inch penis. A girl should marry you cause she loves you not for your penis size.

Yeah when you get horny then you're dick will probably get bigger (:

It is considered small at 3 1/2 inches You only need a 4 inch penis for pleasureing a girl

Yes. You don't even need a penis to satisfy a women, you just need to know "how".

In my experience, a girl/woman is never truly satisfied, only temporarily pleased or placated. And the girls I know appreciate a grammatically correct question.

Contrary to what boys think, girls seldom choose partners based on their penis sizes. Penis size can increase during puberty and also many years after puberty. Even a 1 inch penis can have a erect length of more than 4 inches.

Yes, 3 will do actually. That is as far in as we have nerves on the inside of the vagina. And as usual it all depends on if you know what to do. Sex is way more then just a penis going in and out.

For a girl to have an orgasm, it doesnt really matter how large someones dick is, it all depends on how you rub against her clitoris.

A four inch penis is more than enough to get a woman pregnant. She will be the one giving birth.

They may like the appearance, but most research has suggested that other than in pornos, large or long penis is NOT more satisfying in intercourse. Most men fall into the 4-6 inch range, and can completely satisfy a woman, if she's into it.

That size should be perfectly adequate for female satisfaction

peter girffin has a 6 inch penis while bradd pitt only has a 4 inch penis

Well my hair showed at age 11 and I had a 4 inch penis. Now at age 14 I have a 6 inch penis. A few years.

well i suppose its a matter of opinion really. Some women may find it satisfying whereas other may remain unimpressed.

The average length for of an adult's erect penis is 6 to 7 inches so for a boy of 13 to have a 4 inch erect penis is perfectly normal and nothing to be bothered about at all.

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