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Absolutely. A lot of teachers -- who don't know any better -- tend to assume that a young child is just difficult, has no self-restraint, etc. Especially, little boys who are stereotyped as being rowdy, easily distracted, and often troublemakers.

A psychiatrist or psychologist is trained to recognize the difference between what is normal behavior and what is symptomatic of ADHD.

And from my own personal experiences: don't assume that a school counselor or psychologist knows everything.

When I was 17 I was suicidal. Not knowing who to turn to I went to my guidance counselor, who in turn referred me to the school 'psychologist.' Neither of them called my parents. Nor did they even try to find out why I didn't show up at my scheduled appts with the school shrink after the first one.

I tried to commit suicide twice; came frighteningly close the second time. I've often wondered if a lawsuit was in order.

I suffer from severe chronic depression, SAD, ADD, social anxiety disorder and who knows what else.

Get a second or even a third professional opinion, if you are not convinced. But for God's sake, don't just ignore it and hope it'll go away.

It seems premature and a second opinion is in order.

Definitely get a second opinion before putting anyone on meds, especially if they're aren't immediate pressing issues.

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Q: Can a 5-year-old be diagnosed with ADHD by a psychologist although no behavior issues were reported from school?
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