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Seven-year-olds do not make decisions as to custody, that is the responsibility of the judge. A child of that age might be asked his opinion, especially if he has been reluctant in the past to visit his father (to rule out child abuse, etc.) but it is more likely the judge will be able to make a decision without his help.

If the father has court ordered visitation then you have to comply with that. If you do not, then Mom can be held in contempt of court. If there is a legitimate reason why the child does not want to go, then you need to petition the court to change the visitation order. Be aware that courts do not like to deny parents the right to visit/bond/maintain a relationship with their children and will not do so without a VERY, VERY compelling reason.

• According to various law websites, while a child may not be able to make the decision at age 7, his/her opinion is still valid and should be allowed to be heard in the courts. If your 7-year-old is saying he/she does not want to go and has a decent reason why then you chould file for modification of visitation and demand your child be able to speak.

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Q: Can a 7-year-old decide if his father should have visitation rights if his mother has full custody?
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Can an abusive father get custody or visitation of the child?

He will not get custody, but he can get supervised visitation.

If a father in Florida is denied the visitation rights can he petition for sole custody?

Being denied visitation or not, a father can petition for sole custody. The two situations are not related.

Does an unwed mother have sole custody?

Yes, the father have to go to court to get visitation or custody.

If the father has visitation rights and has not seen the child can you get full custody and receive child support?

How does he have any visitation rights with a custody and child support order?

What happens with sole custody after the father is awarded visitation in Tennessee?

The mother can still have sole legal and physical custody when the father is awarded visitations. Custody and visitations are separate matters. The mother would be required to obey the visitation schedule.

Who has the custody of a child if the parents aren't married in Michigan?

The mother. The father have to apply for visitation and custody in court.

Can a 17-year-old decide if his father should have visitation rights if his mother has full custody?

No, as it's a sign of parental alienation syndrome. see link

How do you file for custody if there has been no court order and the mother did not bring the child back after visitation in the State of Texas?

If you are not married and there is no custody or visitation order, she has custody automatically. The father have to prove paternity in court by a DNA test and then petition for custody or visitation. He can then also pay child support.

The father got custody years ago the children are 9 and 14 and he won't let me see them. How old does the child have to be for visitation in Colorado and can I fight for visitation?

Yes of course you can. Visitation rights or shared custody should be settled when they are babies. There should have been a visitation order entered at the time the father was granted custody. There is no age restriction. Unless you were deemed an unfit parent you have the right to a visitation schedule. You should return to the court that issued the custody order and request a visitation schedule.

Can the biological father of your daughter whom she does not know seek visitation or custody only if you file for divorce from the mother?

yes biological fathers may seek visitation and custody rights

Who can get custody of the child if the mother is deceased the biological father or the mother's mother?

Each situation is different and there is no set answer. The judge will decide. If the biological father is a fit parent then he will most likely be awarded custody. The grandmother would most likely have visitation rights. The judge will look at the situation and decide what is best for the welfare of the child.

When the father has sole custody can he take away the mothers visitation at any time?

No, nor should he. The father must obey the visitation order or he will be in contempt of a court order. Continued contempt can result in the loss of primary custody.

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