Can a Canadian citizen marry a Brazilian citizen in Canada?

Hello, I did just that! When you marry a Brazilian you must either do one of two things: Apply for permentent residence status for your partner and that can take 6-8 months this must be done in brazil. via the embassy. once the residency papers have been complteted and you have them, your partner is now free to come and go in and out of canada. 2. Apply for holiday visa upon arriving in canada, proceed to apply for the permenant residency in Canada. ( will take 6-8 months ) note do not tell the immigration officials that you are going to apply for residency as they will make you do it in Brazil. as well while applying if it takes more than 6 months and your tourist visa runs out, you will need to get it extended! To understand the immigration process can sometimes be quite confusing, so unless you are used to reading and understanding legal and government forms, it's probabaly easier and wiser to look into a good immigration lawyer right here in Canada, who understands the legal process. It's worth it!!!