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can a canadian citizen sponsor his wife who is an american citizen if the candian citizen has a felony on his record


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This situation depends on when the person committed the crime. An American citizen can travel to Mexico with a felony conviction if he got his passport before the crime.

Can a us citizen with a past felony conviction visit the Philippines.?

If you can get an American passport, it could happen.

None, being charged with a crime does not mean the accused person was guilty. A conviction of a felony would be a different matter but it would not necessarily prevent the marriage.

If he can get into the country yes he can. Felony status is not a factor in getting a fishing license.

Unfortunately, an illegal alien can not become an US citizen if they have been deported before. If they have a felony, they can't become a US citizen either.

It may depend greatly upon the type and seriousness of the charge and what your ultimate punishment was.... however..... with so many non-felony applicants for citizenship it seems like a long shot.

Even American citizens who have never been convicted of anything cannot give citizenship to an immigrant. There are only four ways to become an American citizen: # Be born in the United States, # Be born anywhere but have parents who are citizens, # Complete the legal process for becoming a citizen, including meeting residency requirements, taking the test and reciting the oath, # Be made a citizen by special Act of Congress.

If your spouse has a valid UK Passport then it shouldn't be too much hassle getting a visa, however it will depend on the felony. And obviously you could not be under any parole.

No. And if he ever enters the country again he can be arrested for "agrivated re-entry" which is another felony and he will spend 1 to 10 years in a Federal prison. He will never be welcome in this country once he commits a felony here.

Anyone who is not a legal citizen, not a citizen of the state in which you are trying to register, or anyone who has a CONVICTED FELONY on their adult record.

The process of gaining US Citizenship requires that you meet many criteria, one of which is that you have a sponsor. Typically that sponsor is your Husband or fiancee regardless of their criminal past.So yes, your husband can support your application and sponsor you.However, the Dept of Homeland Security has broad powers to determine if an application is fraudulent, or if there are other disqualifying factors. You should check with an immigration attorney for your specific circumstances.

I BELIEVE that the commission of any felony offense is sufficient grounds for the expulsion of a non-citizen.

An American with a felony record cannot enter Canada.

A misdemeanor in an American court should not be a bother, as long as you are not on probation for it. A common infraction would be if you were a minor in the jurisdiction of the court putting it on your record. If you had a felony, then I would surely be concerned.

Any felony that involves kill, kid napped, or any big crime that can get you in jell.

There is no such thing as an EU citizen. Each country of the union has it's own laws and governance over citizenship.

A United States citizen can be denied the right to vote if he or she committed a felony. This is call felony disenfranchisement. Also young people are denied the right to vote untill the age of 18.

Contact your state legislator and ask him to sponsor legislation to change whatever law it is you don't agree with.

Any citizen can get a passport, regardless of any criminal record.

any us citizen 18 or over without history of a felony

Yes, as long as the felony does not contradict the romanian police records (a robbery is ok, but a terrorist attack is not)

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