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No it can not. It can't fit because i tried it and it was a waste of money.

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DS lite charger will work on a GBMicro, DSi and DS normal don't work. DS works with all SP models.

Well the game boy micro has its own charger i think its only its own charger that will work it looks like a DSi input though but yeah it has its own charger.. no no no dont listen to that guy! the only charger that works is the original gameboy miro charger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no you cant the one for the ds lite is to small for the micro

no they each have their own chargers

Use a charger and if you do not have a charger take a 12 volt battery and take two uncoded wire twist together and then hook two prongs to the game and to the battery.

No, for as the gameboy micro's socket is skinny and long the gameboy advance's is short and fat

Sadly enough, there isn't a possible way. Although theories say a DS Lite charger works-only some have proved it works. Good Luck getting a charger. :(

Any gameboy charger will work. I dont think so. I have Nintendo Ds, Ds Lite, And Dsi Chargers and none of them work. It takes a longer charger head. The gameboy sp charger wont work either.

The Game Boy Micro is smaller than previous Game Boys, but plays all Game Boy Advance (GBA) games. There are several accessories available for the Game Boy micro system. You can either buy them as a package or buy them individually. One way to get most of the things you’re going to need to play your new system is a Game Boy micro starter kit, 21-in-1. This kit includes the following Game Boy micro system accessories: a protective carrying case, a car charger with LED, a viewing stand, a screen protector with sun shield, ear buds, a clear system cover, a rubber system sleeve, a soft system pouch, a USB charger cable, a neck strap, a wrist strap, two screen wipes, three D-pad covers and five game cases. But you can always buy any of these components separately, as well as other accessories that are compatible with the Game Boy micro system. There are a number of chargers available for the Game Boy micro system. One charger allows you to plug it into regular wall sockets as well as those in cars and planes at a cost around $25. Another is especially for use in the car’s cigarette lighter and costs under $10.00. A charger with handgrips for the Game Boy micro system provides backup battery power for the Game Boy micro. It is powered by four AAA batteries and is portable. There is also a Game Boy micro AC wall charger for 100v to 240v. In terms of screen protection, there is a crystal screen protector that boasts 99 percent visual transparency. The mobile mounting kit allows you to mount the Game Boy micro for hands- free use in your vehicle. Tired of the color of your Game Boy micro? Skins are covers for the micro that are low profile and help keep dust out of the system. The covers come in multiple colors to reflect the user’s personality. There are a host of Game Boy Micro accessories that you can find relatively inexpensively either through the internet or local video game shops that sell these pieces used.

no it will not work cause the gbm has a bigger slot than a ds lite sorry :(

The best place to look for official Nintendo Game Boy micro accessories is on Nintendo's official web site. The Game Boy micro AC adapter accessory can be purchased for 7.50$ US. and are refurbished. There are third party AC adapters which can be found on internet commercial sites such as E-bay or

Can I watch the charger game on line today

what should we do if game boy charger is not workng  

Yes. You need a Gameboy Micro Link Cable AND a Game Boy Micro Converter Cable.

I would the OEM charger > Game Boy Advanced SP / DS Battery Charger OEM AGS-002

Game Boy Micro was created on 2005-09-13.

There is no charger back then so it uses batterys

No the Gameboy Advance SP has a seperate charger made for it.

You need to buy a link cable designed for Game Boy micro.

The black charger for the original DS (not the lite) is exactly the same as the charger for the GBA.

no the sp has a charger while the gameboy uses batteries

Usually, if the charger is damaged, there is no way to fix it. You will have to get a new one.

this is a stupid game but i still like it.

The game is over and they beat the Colts! YES!

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