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Can a Gentile be a Jew?

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Some Answers from our contributors:

1. If you are asking can a gentile become a Jew, the answer is yes. If you are asking whether someone can continue to be a non-Jew and yet be Jewish, the answer is no.

2. A Jew is anybody born from a Jewish mother, or who has converted to Judaism. If a non-Jew and a Jew have a child and the mother is a Jew, then according to Judaism all of their children are Jews. If the father is a Jew and the mother is a non-Jew, the children are not Jews. (Except in Reform Judaism, which accepts children of Jewish fathers, as long as the children were raised as Jews.)

3. Any non-Jew can convert to Judaism and will then be considered fully Jewish. There is an explanation of this at the Related Link below.

4. I'd like to split the question in two:

A- Can a Gentile become a Jew?

B- Can a Gentile believe in Jesus and be a Jew?

To the first question, Yes. There is a formal procedure, involving much study, rabbinic oversight, etc, which if the candidate is accepted, culminates in a miqveh, and for men, circumcision. Although Judaism discourages conversion, it also teaches that a "convert" is to be highly regarded (it isn't always easy to take on the Torah's obligations if you aren't raised in it). Also, a person who has completed the conversion process is viewed by Jewish Law as a full Jew, period.

To the second question, No. Although there can be an "interpretation" placed on Paul's teachings that one may be a "spiritual" Jew having had "circumcision of the heart," but this is contradictory both to Jesus's teaching, as well as the clear practice and teaching of the Jews.

5. The question doesn't make sense, really. Can a German Shepherd dog be a Labrador Retriever dog?

6. You can be whatever you want. If you want to follow one of the major religions, you can do so to your hearts content. You will always find a sect that will accept you as you are, while others may reject you since they don't like to accept outsiders.

You can decide you are Jewish, start following all the customs and holidays, go to temple, etc., teach your children and tell them they are Jewish. Who can tell you not to?

On the other hand you could just be a free-thinker, an atheist, or a secular humanist. Secular Humanism emphasizes being a good human being. Either way, if you are a good human being you don't need to define yourself as anything other than human. Believing in a god or a prophet is unnecessary. Just love others and help them as much as you can. This is all you need to do in life to be a worthy member of the human race. Don't do it because you have to, do it because you want to. Everything else can easily lead you on the wrong path. Don't listen to others, listen to your heart. If you are a good person you will know I'm right.

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What are gentile Christians?

A gentile is anybody who is not a Jew. So a gentile Christian is a Christian who is not a Jew.

Was the paul in the bible a jew or gentile?


Was Saul a Jew or a gentile?

Saul was a Jew.

What is the opposite of a gentile?

A Jew. "Gentile" means "not Jewish."

Did Jesus become A gentile?

No, Jesus was a Jew and did not become a Gentile.

Was Jesus a gentile?

No He was a Jew

Was Paul in the Bible a Jew or Gentile?

AnswerPaul stated that he was a Jew.

What is the difference between a Jew and gentile?

A Gentile is anyone who isn't Jewish.

Is a gentile a Jew?

No, the word Gentile is used to refer to non-Jews.

The word for being a non Jew?

Gentile is the word for a non Jew.

What is another name for a non-Jew?

The word you are looking for is gentile.

What word is used to describe a white non-jew?

A Gentile

What term means non Jew?


What is the opposite of Jew?

In Jewish, goy is a non Jew. So is Gentile. or the female gender of Jew is Jewess

Did jesus come for Jew or gentile?

Easy, both.

Was the apostle john a Jew?

It is more likely he was a gentile.

What is process of a gentile becoming a Jew CALLED?

A convert.

Was peter in the bible a Jew or a gentile?

ANSWER:The apostle Peter was a Jew probably born in Bethsaida in Galilee.

Why Did Squirelflight Never Tell?

if you forget you are a Jew a gentile will remind you

What is the right way to approach Jesus in the sacrament?

A Gentile was anyone who was not a Jew.

Who were German Gentiles?

By definition, any person who is not a Jew is a Gentile. Gentile is the English word for the Hebrew word Goyim, which means "nations". Therefore, any person who isn't Jewish is a Gentile.

Did Jesus have any gentile ancestry?

Yes. As any non-Jew is a gentile, Ruth the Moabite, who married Boaz,would be one example.

What does gentiles mean?

These are the people who were not Jewish in Jesus' day. You were either a Gentile or a Jew.

Who was the first Jew to marry a Gentile?

No one knows, but in the Bible, it was probably Moses.

What do gentiles believe in?

well, a gentile is anyone who is NOT a jew, so, really, gentiles believe in almost anything. Every religion other than judaism is a gentile religion. I am a Christian and therefore i am a gentile.