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Can a Klingon bird of prey beat the enterprise?

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I believe Warf used a Klingon bird of prey

Federation gameplayers start with a Miranda class starship, Klingon the B'Rel Bird of Prey and the Romulans start with the T'Liss Light Warbird

Visit the sun, no; that would instant death, even with the advanced technology of Star Trek. But, he and the Enterprise crew did slingshot around it at least six times: twice in the episode "Tomorrow is Yesterday" and twice in "Assignment: Earth," then again aboard the Klingon bird of prey HMS Bounty in The Voyage Home.

Yes the Eagle is a bird of prey

a cage for a bird of prey, more so a bird of prey in captivity's home, is called a mue.

No - the kookaburra is not formally classed as a "bird of prey". It is a predator, and it is a carnivore, but it does not meet the classification criteria of "bird of prey".

Almost all birds are not birds of prey.

The claw on a bird of prey is called the tallon.

Britain's smallesst bird of prey is the Merlin

No the Cassowary is not a bird of prey but it is a large flightless bird native to Australia and is in the order Casuariiformes.

A bird of prey is a bird that is good at catching and hunting other animals. Some examples of birds of prey are eagles, falcons, hawks, and vultures.

Yes, it is a bird of prey.

A bird of prey is a carnivorous bird which hunts for its food, especially one which preys on vertebrates.

No. A raptor is a bird of prey.

The Golden eagle is the rarest native bird of prey in Britain

A bird of prey beginning with the letter F would be a falcon.

A hawk is a bird of prey that begins with with the letter h.

A trumpeter swan would be classed as a waterfowl bird, being as it neither perches nor is it a bird of prey or flightless!

large bird of prey like a hawk large bird of prey like a hawk

No, parrots eat seeds, nuts, and fruit. (a bird of prey hunts for meat)

An eagle is a bird of prey.

Yes - it is a bird of prey

Bird of prey or raptor.

An eagle is a bird of prey.

A falcon is a bird of prey.

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