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Can a Mexican citizen become a legal resident if he marries an American citizen in Mexico?


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Do make sure that it is a legitimate ceremony and marriage certificate. But yes they can, as long as that American citizen is not a felon, is able to adequately support that spouse financially (affidavit of support) and when they come back to the U.S. gets down to the business of filing their spouse's paperwork.

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The Mexican must apply for Resident Status and after 3 years of being a Resident Alien they can apply for Citizenship.

Not automatically. They have to apply for a green card and then apply for Naturalization.

Careful of status, you passport says single, might not be allowed in.But in USA get married get papers fixed first.Married my wife almost 40 years ago, been interesting 🤔

They will become an American citizen

Nope, both need to learn new words in English and both to drive on the wrong side of the road for each other?

Yes. Effective June 26, 2013, an American citizen may sponsor a foreign, same-sex spouse for permanent resident status.

Once a person from another nation marries a Canadian citizen, he or she becomes a permanent resident. The process takes approximately 50 days for the paperwork.

US citizenship cannot be lost by her becoming a Mexican citizen. Mexico would control whether she becomes a Mexican citizen. US has no involvement in the process.

The answer is no. But the children born from this marriage will automatically become US citizens. The spouse of US citizen will be eligible to become US citizen after he/she (the non-US citizen) stay in US for a minimum of 3 years as a Permanent Resident.

No, it is very difficult for Mexicans to become American citizens

No. Marrying a US citizen does not automatically confer permanent resident or citizenship status on any foreign national.

In the appropriate court in the state or province where they now reside.

No. citizenship has to do with where you were born, and where your parents were born. It has nothing to do with marriage.

the child and your self need to go to immagrastion and get citizenship in brazil for the child.

Yes, if the mother applies for naturalization, the child gets it too if still a minor.

No, but the Russian may be able to get a green card but might be required to go back home during the paperwork phase.

No. Any non-citizen who intends to reside permanently in the US, whether or not married to a citizen, must obtain permanent resident status.

No, it does not.Marrying a US citizen never automatically makes you a citizen- however, it does speed up the process if you are trying to naturalize. Normally, a legal resident has to wait 5 years before they can apply for US citizenship; if a legal resident marries a US citizen, this is shortened to 3 years.

Yes, the US recognizes legal marriages performed in other countries. This does not mean that the Mexican citizen can enter the US without using the procedure required by US immigration laws.

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