Citizenship and Marriage

Can a Mexican citizen marry a Canadian citizen while on vacation in Canada?


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only men marry with women not citizen with citizen

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yes, any child that is born in Canada automatically is a Canadian Citizen

== == If you are asking about a Mexican citizen trying to Immigrate to Canada, and being sponsored by a Canadian citizen, the answer is NO. All Immigrants to Canada have to apply from their HOME COUNTRY, and the process will take from 2 to 3 years to complete.

A Canadian citizen can be born outside of Canada, live his or her entire life outside of Canada, and still remain a Canadian citizen.

Can a is felon go to Canada if they marry a Canadian citizen

No. You need to begin the process of naturalization to become a Mexican citizen.

You can travel to Canada from the US only if you are a permanent resident of the US. Both American and Canadian customs will ask for your green card.

if they are not born in canada or if there parents are not citizen

I have a dual citizen ship and am both Canadian and American You can do this by Immigrating to Canada

It is not possible to become a Canadian Citizen just by marrying a Canadian citizen. Citizenship cannot be acquired by marriage in any country.

To the Canadian constitution.

Seeing that Wayne Gretzy was born in Ontario, Canada I believe he is a Canadian citizen.

No. Canada and the UK are 2 different countries.

In proper english, yes. If you're really a Canadian citizen then you'd have a Canadian passport. The only reason you wouldn't be allowed to leave Canada is to go to certain 3rd world or war-torn countries. The American government can't stop you from leaving Canada if you're a Canadian citizen.

What do you mean if "you are in Mexico"? Do you mean if you are a Mexican citizen? If you are a Mexican citizen, then Yes, you need a valid Mexican passport to enter Canada. A Canada visa is not required for citizens of Mexico for a stay up to 180 days.

yep :) my mom is a canadian citizen. She went to college in Canada and lived there for a few years and became a Canadian citizen. Hope I helped.

You need to get married to a Canadian citizen or apply for a Canadian Visa to get the citizenship of Canada.

Only if you apply to become a Canadian citizen. Once you get residency in Canada you can apply for provincial healthcare.

Since 2009 all Mexican citizen are require to have a tourist visa to enter Canada. You should check with the Canada embassy in Mexico city for more information. Mexican citizens residing in the US can enter Canada by showing their Permanent Residence Card ( Green Card).

The answer is no. You still have to apply for Canadian Citizenship. The process does take a while. My friend who married a Canadian in Canada had to wait a year to officially live there.No.

No special proceedures are required. If your child is born in Canada it will be a Canadian citizen by birth regardless of the nationality of its parents.

yes he is a canadian, he was awarded the order of canada which is the highest award for a canadian civilian

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