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Yes. As long as the man is Muslim. The man should be a good Muslim though.

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Do Christian women who married Muslim men have to convert to Islam?

Christian women who marry Muslim men don't have to convert to Islam.

I'm a Catholic woman so is it possible to marry again and convert to Muslim and still marry a Catholic man?

you can convert to Islam but you cant marry a non-muslim because it isn't right. but if it was a man converting to Islam, he can marry a non-muslim women since he has more power over her. unless you tell him to convert to Islam for the sake of god, then its OK but if it was just to marry you then it wont count.

What would happen if a Muslim women could convert a christian man into Islam and believing in the Quran?

When a Christian man cinvert into Islam he becomes a Muslim and Islam rules apply to him, e.g he can marry a Muslim woman.

Can a Non-Muslim man marry a Muslim British woman?

Islam is passed through the male line, so in many cases Muslim women will ask Non-Muslim boyfriends to convert to Islam before marrying them. There is nothing wrong with a Muslim woman marrying a convert to Islam within Islamic Law or Custom. However, Muslim women will often object to marrying a man who will not convert to Islam since the children of the marriage will be Non-Muslims.

Christian women have to convert to mArry a Muslim man?

No, is not compulsory that they convert before marrying a Muslim man.

Can a Muslim man marry a non Muslim women who has child out of wedlock and does not want to change religion?

The first Islamic rule is that, per religion, a Muslim man can marry only a Muslim, Jewish, or Christian woman. So, if this non Muslim woman is Christian or Jewish, then per religion, the Muslim man can marry her without need for her to convert to Islam. otherwise, she should convert to Islam to be able to marry the Muslim man. However, her convert to Islam should be based on fill belief in Islam and not just for marriage purposes. As for the child out of wedlock, the child should reported officially in his/her birth certificate to his/her true father not to anyone else. Then, it is left for the married couple choice to agree upon where the child to be raised up.

Can Muslim women make marriage with Christian man?

No, Per Islam religion, Muslim woman can marry only Muslim man. Muslim man can marry only Muslim, Christian, or Jewish woman.

If a christian husband allows his wife to carry on practising her religion and when they have children that they are also allowed Islamic upbring then is it allowed for a Muslim woman to marry a chris?

According to Islamic Law,In any situation, any conditions, In any circumstancesA Muslim Women can NOT Marry to a non Muslim.Their is no way or any thing which makes a Muslim women to marry non Muslim men.but, if the Man converts his religion to Islam. than he can marry to Muslim women.But A Muslim Men Can marry to Non Muslim women (But these non Muslim Includes only Christan & Jews ).

Does non Muslim man need to do sunnat to get converted to Islam?

Yes, men and women must do sunna to convert to islam.

What can a non-Muslim man do to get permission from his Muslim Girl Friends parents to be with hermarry her besides convert?

Because it is Haram for a Muslim women to marry a non Muslim man, because since the husband is usually in charge he might force her to not become Muslim, though a Muslim Man can marry a Jewish or Christian wife.the person who typed that above is totally true,but if you really like the girlfriend you would convert to Islam!

How does Islam feel about Interfaith marriage?

No. Islam forbids Interfaith marriage. Both Man and Women must be Muslim to marry each other in Islam. Its haraam to marry people of other faith before reverting them to Islam.

Can a catholic women who is divorced marry a Muslim man who is single?

Yes, there are no restrictions for this situation due to Islam.

Which verse in the Qur'an says a non-Muslim woman does not need to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim man?

The relevant citation in the Qur'an in Surat Ma'ida, below. It is worth noting that a Non-Muslim woman DOES need to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim if she is not a Jew or Christian (i.e. those who were given the Scripture before you). So a Hindu or Buddhist woman does need to convert to Islam. It is also worth noting that the reverse is not true, i.e. a Jewish or Christian man cannot marry a Muslim woman. Q 5:5: (Sahih International): And [lawful in marriage are] chaste women from among the believers and chaste women from among those who were given the Scripture before you, when you have given them their due compensation, desiring chastity, not unlawful sexual intercourse or taking [secret] lovers.

Can Muslim marry older woman?

Yes Muslim can marriage with older women. B/c in Islam marriage is not only fulfilled their sexual ambitions

Can a divorced christian man marry a Muslim women and if so what are the males rules to marry her?

A Christan man (divorced or not) can't marry a Muslim woman unless he converts to Islam religion sincerely and by heart and by full will and belief.

What happens if a Muslim man dates a none Muslim women?

Courting a woman in Islam is not permitted, hence your question is answered. If the man wants to marry, it is mandatory for the woman to revert to Islam BEFORE marriage.

Can Muslim boy get married with Christian girl?

yes a Muslim boy can get married to a Christian girl but he can't force her to convert to Islam unless she asks to convert.for example my uncle married a Mexican women and he never asked her to convert to Islam after being married for 10 years she converted:)

Can Muslim women get married to Hindu men?

a muslim women can not marry any men who is not muslim

Who can a Muslim get married to?

Muslim men can marry women from among other religion who are people of the book, but Muslim women are allowed to only marry among Muslim men. This is to prevent the disputes for when children are born, they may have no difficulty so as to what relligion of their parents they shall persue. Other then that there is no concept of Lesbian or Gay marriage in Islam.

Why must an imam examine the vagina of women who convert to Islam?

This is not true. It is a lie. In Islam never one ; whoever; has the right to see the vagina of any woman (Muslim or non Muslim) except his licit wife.

Can a Muslim girl marry a Muslim revert?

Yes, as long as the man is a Muslim, the women can marry him, or vice verse

If a women converts muslim does her children have to convert also?

Every human has the right and free will to choose his or her religion. Normally the children are expected to follow the religion of their father that is why Muslim woman are not allowed to marry men of other religion than Islam. And in this case where a non Muslim woman decides to embrace Islam, she may invite her children and family to embrace Islam as well with love and affection and the children are free to choose their path as they please.

Can a Christian women marry a married Muslim man?

A Muslim man is only allowed to marry Muslim, Christian or Jewish woman, but should be modest and conservative women.

How often do muslim men marry american women?

Many Muslim men marry with Muslim and/or Christian/Jewish women especially if they are originally from the same home country.

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