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I have acquired a Neumann 12 guage side by side. I have been told by the previous owner that he fired many 2 and 3/4 " #4 and #6 from this gun.I would like to exchange more info about this gun.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:57:09
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Q: Can a Neumann Bros 12 gauge double barrel shotgun be fired using today's shells?
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What type of modern shotgun shell can you use in a Fox double barrel shotgun model B-BSE for deer hunting?

Deer slugs are the shotgun shells to use when deer hunting.

What shells for bolt action shotgun?

It should be marked on the barrel or recieiver.

What is break in shotgun?

There is no "break in" shotgun. A "break open" shotgun is a single barrel, double barrel, or combination rifle/shotgun which breaks open in the sense that a lever will unlock the action, allowing the barrel to pivot at a hinge at the front of the receiver, pivoting the rear of the barrel up to expose the chamber. A shells may be loaded into the chamber and the barrel pivoted back to close the action. The act to "break in" a shotgun means to fire it a few times to loosen it up.

What kind of shells shouold be used on a Stevens 410 shotgun model 94f?

410 shells only and only what the barrel is marked for.

Can a shotgun with a 3 inch barrel safely shoot 2 and three quarter inch shells?

Yes, shorter shells are no problem.

Do double barrel shotguns shoot both shells at once?

With double triggers YES

Can normal shotguns fire blank shotgun shells?

Yes, but beware that many blank shells contain corrosive gun powder. Clean your shotgun after firing blanks to avoid pitting your barrel.

How old is my Springfield 410 shotgun?

I am seeking the age of my 410 double barrel shotgun. It came from my grandfather and has the following markings: Springfield Arms Co. Pat Apr 20, 1915 X57709 It has double triggers and is chambered for 2 1/2 shells. Thanks

What kind of shells ammunition are safe to use in a J Stevens Arms Co 12 gauge double barrel shotgun Model 335?

You need to take it to a gunsmith so it can be thoroughly checked.

How do you shot the double barrel shotgun buzz bee toy shotgun?

To shoot the double shot, you have to cock it enough so it clicks and makes an L shape. Then put the darts into the orange shells and put them into the two holes at the corner of the L. Then you can fire two darts at once. then press that button at the top/middle of the gun and bend it. The shells will pop out. To shoot again, repeat the cycle.

Is there any gun that can shoot both a shotgun load and bullet from the same barrel?

A 41 magnum caliber revolver will shoot 410 gauge shotgun shells but is not recommended. The shot will lead the barrel rifling. There are also adaptors you can put in a shotgun that allow you to fire pistol/rifle ammunition.

What is the size of an air soft shotgun shell?

Air soft shotgun shells are the size of 12 gauge shotgun shells.

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