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Q: Can a PA work independently and do what doctors do without having the high cost of malpractice insurance?
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How much does malpractice insurance cost?

Without knowing what profession you are in, The risk factors and volume, there is no way of determining what you might need to pay. It could be as low as 2 thousand dollars per year or as high as 2 million dollars per year.AnswerNo way to answer this other than to say 'a lot' ! Contact some agents or companies that sell this type of coverage/polices and get some quotes. *Note: costs for malpractice insurance vary widely by specialty. Imagine an ob-gyn's insurance compared to that for, say, a dermatologist.AnswerMalpractice insurance premiums are adjusted according to the type of professionals or profession, the type and amount of coverage needed, and whether that insurance cover a group of persons or an individual. The location of the practice and particular area's laws can affect the malpractice premiums. Majority of doctors and medical professionalsnever use their malpractice insurance because it's rare that they need it. But they have to purchase the malpractice insurance as a safety net and it's also required by them in many locations.

Is legal malpractice insurance required in Michigan?

It is not "required", however, one will be personally liable without an insurer/insurance company covering the costs associated with losses and malpractice actions. The State Bar of Michigan asks each lawyer whether or not s/he has malpractice insurance annually at the time of renewing membership. Michigan has a mandatory bar association. I believe there is a state fund available for malpractice issues. Hope this helps, MI Attorney

Why don't they talk about tort reform?

Tort reform is somewhat of a red herring. It draws attention away from the real issues that plague the health systems in the United States. Very few people get huge awards from malpractice by doctors. The bars already in place prevent frivolous suits and make a malpractice suit difficult to file without a solid cause of action, and malpractice charges are expensive to prove. "Tort reform" is fundamentally a way to protect doctors and insurance companies from reforming. More attention should be paid to the unreasonably high premiums charged by insurance companies not to taking away the individual's right to just compensation when doctor has caused serious or fatal damage by malpractice.

What happens if you sue a dentist without a malpractice insurance and win If the dentist decides to just close down and skip town what happens to my case?

You need to consult an attorney experienced in tort law.

What doctors take people with no insurance?

Ethically any doctor has to take someone without insurance. As long as they have intention and means to pay somewhere down the road, they aren't "supposed" to care.

What does independently associated mean?

independently associated means TRUELY associated without any confounding factors.

Is auto insurance valid if you drive without doctors permission?

If you are under a medical restriction due to a condition or injury then yes, if you drove without meeting the requirements of the physician then you would be considered to be not properly licensed.

do they have plans for people without insurance.?

do they have plans for people without insurance.

Can a doctor work under someone else lic?

Absolutely not. This would constitute medical malpractice and practicing medicine without a license. If the "doctor" who was working under someone else's license performed any procedures (surgery, casting, exams) it would also constitute a medical battery. Doctors are licensed by the state so that patients can trust their doctors. A doctor practicing without a license could, and should, go to prison.

Is it possible to give birth in six months pregnant and the baby survive without doctors?

Without doctors no.

How much is a psa blood test without insurance?

In Canada, it costs nothing. So it depends on what country you are in.