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No. For one, in an HMO the providers are "capitated" paid part of the premium EVERY month, whether you use their services or not.

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Q: Can a PPO dentist be used in an HMO plan?
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Who is the best dental insurance PPO or HMO?

PPO and HMO, both are acceptable dental insurance. PPO dental insurance allows you to concern other dentist with some limitation coverage. HMO dental insurance provides expert dentist in their network to offer best treatment. You can choose any insurance plan which suits you the best.

What benefits come with an HMO plan?

Each HMO plan is different. Most are less flexible then PPO plans and have certain restrictions on them.

Are braces cheaper with a PPO or HMO dental plan?

PPO is always better you pay more for it but it pays off as soon as you use it


Even though the HMO is the health care plan that most people have because it is the one offered by their employer, many people either overlook or do not consider the HMO's big brother, the PPO. The PPO offers much more freedom to a policyholder than does an HMO, and aside from slightly higher premiums, the services of a PPO are much more straightforward and basically outstrip an HMO in all respects. Employees should consider a PPO as a gap policy, to cover anything that an HMO does not, and to cover their family if their employer policy does not. It is simply much easier to go to doctors that you wish to go to and see specialists at any time with a PPO.

Can you have a hmo and a ppo plan at the same time more specifically kaiser hmo through my employer and aetna ppo through my spouse's?

Technically yes, each of you will have your own primary plan and all claims for each will go through that plan first, but as secondary, the other plan will cover in areas where the hmo does not with provisions, each plan is different that way, but usually it gives more options for health care where to hmo is restrictive, you just have a lot more hoops to jump through.

Which is better-a ppo or an hmo healthcare plan?

The one that is better depends on your actual medical needs, and your desire for flexibility with the doctors that you see. In a HMO, you are restricted to a network of doctors, and typically there is no coverage if you go to an out of network doctor. In a PPO, you get more affordable coverage when you stay in network but you can go out of network if you have to. You still have coverage out of network in a PPO, but you pay more before the insurance pays. For these reasons, HMO's are less expensive than PPO's.

How can one explain what HMO vs PPO is?

The major difference between HMO and PPO is the fact that HMO lets individuals choose doctors within a specific network, while PPO allows patients to choose their own health care provider.

Is an epo medical plan a good plan vs ppo?

Based on my personal experience and extensive research, PPOs give you the most flexibility; the downside is a higher premium. I am in a PPO currently, after running into unacceptable out-of-pocket costs with an HMO.

You have an hmo insurance plan in Virginia your husband spends a lot of time in New York and is not covered by your hmo if you switch to a ppo will he be covered in N.Y. and if he is will it cost more?

Yes and Yes. An HMO provides coverage for in-network providers only and a PPO plan will cover both in and out-of-network providers. That is the main difference between the plans. However PPO rates are typically higher than HMO rates. Also if using an out-of-network provider, reimbursement is almost always based on a deductible/coinsurance arrangement with the plan typically paying either 70% or 80% of the bill after the deductible has been paid by you.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield have HMO or PPO?

Blue Cross Blue Shield has both HMO and PPO insurance available. You pick the one that best suits your needs.

What are the differences between PPO health insurance and HMO?

PPO stands for Primary Provider Organization, which means you can see phycians "in or out of network". Out of network will always be more money out of pocket to the insured. HMO stands for Health Maintanance Organization. HMO's do not have "out of network" benefits. HMO's are much more restricting because you are limited to the physicians and facilities that may be used.

How do you know if insurance is hmo or ppo?

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