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No. The definition of a perfect game is that no one reaches base in any way for the entire game, even if that runner is thrown out on the same play. If the second baseman makes an error and allows someone to reach first base, even if the runner tries for second base and gets thrown out, the perfect game is over. It becomes a no-hitter.

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Should 9 year old boys pitch almost 50 mph?

In the end, it's whatever is most comfortable to the pitcher. If it is going to hurt someone (I.E., a catcher isn't as prepared, the pitcher doesn't have good aim, etc) he should not. If the pitcher can and can comfortably without hurting himself, go for it.

Can a pitcher walk someone by licking fingers on mound?

yes its rule number 8.02 in the official rulebook of baseball if a pitcher licks his fingers while on the mound a ball will be awarded to the batter

What does capital m and b mean on silver pitcher?

These would be the makers marks, it would be helpful to know the age and the origin of the pitcher as this would allow someone to be able to find out who MB is

Does the pitcher in a Major League Baseball game get to hit?

There are two leagues in American major league baseball, the American League and the National League. The American League has the designated hitter rule which allows for someone other than the pitcher to bat in the pitcher's place. The pitcher does not bat in the American League. The National League does not have the designated hitter rule. The pitcher does bat in the National League.

What MLB Pitchers struck out in 3 pitches?

I believe that almost every pitcher who has pitched for more than 30 innings has struck out someone in three pitches. It isn't very hard for a pitcher to strike someone out in three pitches, especially if they have pitched for 30 innings.

Can any position relief the pitcher in a baseball inning?

If the umpire is informed of a change, players can change the position they are playing at any time when time has been called. In theory, someone playing first base could be moved to be the pitcher. This can happen if a manager has run out of usable pitchers and must use someone who vaguely remembers how to pitch. And, if it is willed, that non-pitcher who gets to pitch can be a hero!

Who gets the win when a fielder is assinged to pitch Like in a situation when someone pinch hits for a pitcher and the winning run is scored while that pinch runner is assingned to pitch?

The pitcher of record, i. e., the pitcher who was the player who last pitched, would get credit for the win. The pinch hitter or pinch runner is not considered the pitcher until he takes the mound, not when he replaces the pitcher as a pinch hitter or pinch runner. To further explain, even if the pinch hitter or pinch runner, or another pitcher enters the game to pitch after the end of the inning in which they pinch hit and/or pinch ran, and the losing team does not tie the game, or go ahead, that previous pitcher (the one that was pinch hit for, or pinch ran for) gets credit for the win.

Is it possible to strike six people out in one inning?

Yes, it is. When a pitcher strikes someone out, the ball will occasionally pop out of the catcher's glove while the batter is swinging. When that happens, the batter can run for first. The pitcher, however, is still credited with the strikeout.Therefore, a pitcher could strike 6 people out if 3 people reached base when the catcher dropped the ball 3 times and if the pitcher struck out 3 batters regularly.

When does a pitcher get charged for the win?

yes, if he is the starting pitcher he has to go a minimum of 5 innings and his team has to be leading when he exits the game and never lose their lead and win the game. A pitcher can win in relief if he comes in when the game is tied or his team is losing, and his team rallies after he pitches and win the game, but they can't give up their lead after he pitches or he won't get the win someone else will get the win

What is the singular and plural possessive noun for pitcher?

The singular possessive form of the noun pitcher is pitcher's.Example: The batter could not get a clue from the pitcher's face.The plural form of the noun pitcher is pitchers.The plural possessive form is pitchers'.Example: The pitchers' handles were stems with a variety of colored flowers.

What is the meaning of getting beaned in baseball?

To hit someone in the face with the ball when you try to have them hit it. The pitcher pitches and the ball hits the batter.

Has someone taken a pitcher of a black holes?

Yes actually there was, I just dont know who and when this picture was taken...but still, im not that sure.

If someone hits a triple and then the pitcher balks is that an earned run?

the run is unearned unless the runner would have later scored anyway

How many balk calls are there?

There is only one call for a balk. When a pitcher is in the stretch and a runner or runners are on base, the pitcher must pause before throwing to homeplate. There can also be a balk called on the pitcher if he makes a move to throw out someone at first base, but doesn't actually throw the ball. (No fake throws to first allowed!) The last reason for a balk to be called is if a pitcher begins to move his front leg towards homeplate, but does not throw the ball to home. (Or simply pitch to the batter). A balk results in baserunners advancing one base.

Can base runneers leave the base before the pitcher pitches the ball?

Yes. But if the runner is tagged by someone holding the ball while off the base, the runner is out. Thus, a pitcher -- or even the catcher! -- might throw the ball to the base where a runner is lazily standing too far from the base.

How many times can a pitcher hit the batter?

a little league pitcher can hit a kid up to 4 times but it depends on wear like if you hit them in the head twice than your out and cant pitch but if you hit them inb the leg then you can hit them again unless you hit someone twice in 1 inning

Did Molly Pitcher write any famous quotes about herself?

Yes " These are the times that try mens' soul." is the quote. No she didnt. Someone else wrote that.

Is someone split three pictures of water equally among eight plants what fraction of a pitcher did each plant get?

Each got 3/8.

If a baseball pitcher were equally talented pitching left or right handed can he switch in the middle of an at bat?

pitchers may not switch throwing hands in the middle of an at bat. they may switch from hitter to hitter however There is nothing I have found in the MLB rules that states a pitcher cannot switch throwing hands when facing a single batter. Maybe someone can point out the specific rule that states what the above answerer says is factual? There is no rule in the official baseball scores that say a pitcher cannot change his hands. However, just as a batter cannot switch while the pitcher is on the rubber, so too can the pitcher not switch while on the rubber, as that would be an illegal motion while in the set position and be considered a balk (with runners on) or a ball (with bases empty).

Can the pitcher be changed during an at bat?

Unless your playing in a younger league then yes, it can be changed while someone is in the middle of their batting turn, then no you can't do that. But the main answer is yes.

'Throw the ball to the pitcher' is this a sentence?

Yes, this is a sentence. It would be used in response to a question such as, "Who do I throw the ball to?" It is addressed directly at someone and the "You" at the beginning is assumed.

If a pitcher balks and nobody on base. What happens?

A balk only happens in a pickoff attempt when the pitcher goes into his/her windup and seems lik they are pitching,but then throws to the base. The runner then gets to take a base. Since a balk only happens on a pickoff attempt which means someone is on base you can not balk with no runners on base.

When can you leave the base in softball?

You can only leave the base in softball once the pitcher has released the ball for the pitch. If you leave sooner and an umpire sees you, you will be called out. You can also leave the base once you have returned if the ball because live again after becoming dead (i.e. the pitcher makes a motion to throw someone out at a base.

Is there anybody perfect?

Nope. But there is someone who is perfect for you.

Can a pitcher pitch one inning by throwing only one pitch?

Not unless the pitcher is just put onto the mound after the bases are already loaded. If he pitches, and there are 2 outs already, and someone catches the batters hit, then yes, he pitched that inning. Or if he pitched and there was a triple play, which would be hard to do unless the other fielders had excellent timing.