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Can a PlayStation 2 play burned DVDs?

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Yes, the playstation 2 can play burned Dvd movie formate files, but not other video formats. You can not play burned DVD games.

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Will region 6 dvds play on your playstation 2?

Yes, the Sony PlayStation 2 will play region 6 DVDs. The Sony PlayStation 3 will also play DVDs from any region.

Can PlayStation play Blu-ray?

No only a PlayStation 3 can play Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs, the PlayStation 2 can play DVDs and CDs, and the PlayStation plays CDs

Can playstation 2 play DVDs?

Yes, the Ps2 can play DVDs. But cannot play blu-ray.

PlayStation 2 play hd dvds?

No, it only plays standard DVDs.

Can you play burned PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation 3?


Can you play DVDs on a Sony PlayStation?

No. A Sony PlayStation (as opposed to a PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3) can only play PlayStation games and audio CDs.

Can a Playstation 2 console play DVDs?

Yes it can and CD's also

Does it hurt your PlayStation if you put a DVD in it?

No PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 can play DVDs PlayStation 1 just will not be able to read the disc

Can the PlayStation 2 play DVDs?

Yes the Playstation 2 console plays DVD format software and can serve as a DVD player.

Which video game consoles can play dvds?

There are a number of video game consoles on the market today that are capable of playing dvds. The Xbox, Xbox360, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 are all able to play standard DVD's.

What is a PlayStation 2 entertainment system?

A playstation 2 entertainment system is a division of sony entertainment used to play games made for it,cds,dvds

Will xbox 360 play DVDs?

Yes of course. Even the older PlayStation 2 could play DVD's

Is audio DVD playable by playstation 2?

yes it can play audio and video DVDs and CDs

Does an Playstation 2 play DVDs?

they do but they will not play any new dvds that came out a year after the play station was made because the DVD dater has been changed and the play station will not be able to play any new dvds but it can still play all the old ones.

Does a playstation 2 play Blu-ray movies?

No a PS2 can not play Blu-ray discs and can only play CDs and DVDs.

Can you PlayStation 2 games on a PlayStation 1?

No you can not PlayStation does not even read the PS2 DVDs. It's like asking if a CD player can play DVD movies, it can't be done.

How do you access DVD player on ps2?

All PlayStation 2 consoles can play DVDs. Just insert the DVD and it will play automatically

How do I get my Playstation 2 to load and play games that I have made from burning PS2 game CDs that were already mine of coarse?

PS2 games are on DVDs and have software in the PS2 to prevent using burned copies, whether you consider them legal or not.

Can you play downloaded or burned PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation 2?

OR you could buy the mod chip of the net and do it yourself, theres loads of vids on youtube yes you can, but you need a mod chip so you can play games that are burned or downloaded. try to find a technitian that could attach one inside your playstation 2.

What is Playstation 2 media?

PS2 games are on DVDs

Can you play a PlayStation 2 game on PlayStation?

No, but you can play PlayStation games on a PlayStation 2.

How does Playstation 2 play music dvds?

It reads the disk and sends the signal out the red and white cables into your T.V. speakers.

Can you play an HD DVD on a Playstation 2?

no because hd dvds are newer then the ps2 (that's like trying to play ps3 games on the ps2)

Can ypu PlayStation 2 games on a PlayStation 1?

no PS2 games are too advanced and are on DVDs

PlayStation 2 plays HD dvds?

No the PS2 is not HD